$50,000 Verdict for Low-Impact Motor Vehicle Accident


When our client was side-swiped by an inattentive driver, Allstate Insurance Company refused to pay a fair amount for its insured’s negligent acts.  We were able to win a verdict for our client in the amount of $50,000.  This was almost double what Allstate was willing to pay.


The Defendant pulled out of Grasso Plaza onto Gravois Road in St. Louis, Missouri. The Defendant failed to yield and ran into our client’s vehicle, causing it to spin 180 degrees.

Can the King be Liable?

keep-calm-im-the-kingHave you ever been hit by a U.S. Postal Service driver? How about struck by a military vehicle on the highway? These types of injury claims fall under a special set of procedures that require a much different process to be followed than a typical personal injury claim.

In the past, under the doctrine of “sovereign immunity,” you were not permitted to sue “the King.” The doctrine of sovereign immunity has carried over to modern times except “the King” is now the federal government.

Pay to Play – Understanding Missouri’s New Insurance Law

Pay to PlayOn October 11, 2013, the new motor vehicle law 303.390 became effective in Missouri. The new law prohibits uninsured drivers of motor vehicles from collecting noneconomic damages (often called general damages, which include pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, loss of use, etc.).   Section 303.390 requires an uninsured driver to waive the ability to have a cause of action or otherwise collect for noneconomic loss against an insured motorist alleged to be at fault for an accident. Essentially, if an uninsured driver is injured in an auto accident through no fault of his or her own,

Not Guilty Verdict – Client Accused of Recklessly Exposing Another to HIV

Case Conclusion Date: September 6, 2013

Outcome: Not Guilty

Description: Our client was accused of four counts of Recklessly Exposing Another with HIV. The accuser and our client were in a relationship for two years, all while the client was undergoing intense treatment for his disease.

Despite substantial evidence to the contrary, the accuser claimed she was never informed of the disease. On the stand, her story quickly unravelled.

After a three day trial in the CIty of St.

Starting today, you can go paperless in Missouri when showing proof of auto insurance


Jefferson City, Mo. – Missourians can soon go paperless when showing proof that they have auto insurance under a new law signed by Gov. Jay Nixon.

House Bill 322, which takes effect Aug. 28, gives consumers the choice to prove that they have auto insurance by displaying their insurance identification card in a paper or electronic format, such as on a smartphone or other portable electronic device.

A Salute to our Veterans – Free Legal Services on Speeding Tickets… for life

Thank You

Thank you to all Veterans for honoring us with your service to this great country. Happy Veterans Day to those serving our country now and to those that have served in the past.

Today is a day to celebrate not only the great accomplishments of our uniformed men and women, but also the mere fact that they have the courage to wear the uniform.  We would not be the nation we are today without you. God Bless.

A Salute to Our Veterans

To celebrate our men and women of the military,

You bought a car from U.S. Customs and it has drugs inside? You lose…


The buyer was arrested in Mexico following discovery of marijuana hidden inside the vehicle.  It turned out that the vehicle was purchased at an auction from United States Customs and Border Protection.  In ruling for the government, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Customs auction did not include an implied-in-fact warranty that the vehicle would be free of contraband, and thus Customs was not liable for breach of warranty.  Importantly, Customs had disclaimed any warranty regarding the vehicle in its auction catalog.