The dean of St. Louis University’s law school has resigned after only a year on the job.  She cites in her resignation letter  multiple disagreements with Father Lawrence Biondi, the University’s president.

“You acquired the building downtown and deemed it to be the new law school building without adequate investigation of its suitability and without any notice or consultation with the law school leadership.” – Annette Clark
“From the beginning of my deanship, you have evinced hostility toward the law school and its faculty and have treated me dismissively and with disrespect, issuing orders and edicts that allowed me virtually no opportunity to exercise the very discretion, judgment and experience for which you and the faculty enthusiastically hired me.”  – Annette Clark

Father Biondi responded with a statement of his own via a letter to the University.  In the letter, he claims that he and Vice President Patankar had intended to terminate Dean Clark today at a meeting scheduled for 11 a.m., but that she did not attend the meeting and instead emailed her letter of resignation.

Her emails to Dr. Patankar and me, and to the faculty and staff of our School of Law, demonstrate a lack of a clear and comprehensive understanding of the duties and obligations, autonomy and authority, of a modern-day dean at a large and complex university. – Father Lawrence Biondi

Annette Clark Resignation Letter 8-8-12


Special Message From the President 8-8-12