What is a Deposition?

A deposition is a question-and-answer session between the attorneys to a lawsuit and a witness. It is usually held in a lawyer’s office. ¬†Those present are:

1. the witness,
2. a court report to record your testimony,
3. lawyers for all parties to the lawsuit, and
4. the parties themselves or their representatives.

A judge does not attend the deposition and will not even review the deposition transcript unless called upon by one of the parties.

The procedure itself is straightforward.

What are some tricks lawyers use during depositions to trip up the witness?

I found a great article on twelve common deposition techniques attorneys use to throw off the witness. The list is below, but the article is worth reading.

  1. The Big Pause
  2. How Boring
  3. Mr. Nasty
  4. The Stick
  5. The Carrot
  6. The Fireside Chat
  7. You Must Be An Idiot
  8. Karnak (a/k/a ESP Questions)
  9. Slimy Questions
  10. The Motor Mouth
  11. The Idiot
  12. The Stall

Deposition Tricks: