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Case Study: Disputed Liability Car Crash

Date of Incident: February 25, 2017

Type of Case: Car Crash

Location: Watson Road and Laclede Station Road in St. Louis, Missouri

Summary of Case:

Our client was turning left to go south onto Laclede Station Road from Watson Road when the defendant was traveling east on Watson Road and attempted to turn right on a red light to go south onto Laclede Station Road.

What are some tricks lawyers use during depositions to trip up the witness?

I found a great article on twelve common deposition techniques attorneys use to throw off the witness. The list is below, but the article is worth reading.

  1. The Big Pause
  2. How Boring
  3. Mr. Nasty
  4. The Stick
  5. The Carrot
  6. The Fireside Chat
  7. You Must Be An Idiot
  8. Karnak (a/k/a ESP Questions)
  9. Slimy Questions
  10. The Motor Mouth
  11. The Idiot
  12. The Stall

Deposition Tricks:

The 3 Most Important Things You Should Photograph After an Auto Accident

1. Your Injuries: If you don’t have documentation of your injuries, they don’t exist.  The best way of documenting your injuries is through your medical records, but photographs are a great back-up.  Plus, if your doctor leaves out part of your injuries in the records, you can always show the pictures.

2. The Vehicles Involved in the Collision: This serves multiple purposes other than just showing that your car was damaged.  Photographs are often used to show that the other driver was at fault.