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4 Ways to Screw Up Your Injury Case


4 Ways to Screw Up Your Injury Case

I often get asked by clients what things they can do to improve the chances of winning their case. This is a great question and I have plenty of tips for that. But the often overlooked question is, “What might screw up my injury case?” So, here you go… Enjoy!

  1. Failing to go to the doctor or missing scheduled doctor’s appointments. If you try to “tough it out,” then you will destroy your case.

Monday Q&A – October 10, 2016 Edition


This week we answer the following questions:

  1. Angi: Can I still recover for my injury claim if I was partially at fault?
  2. Aaron: Can other people drive my vehicle if I have an ignition interlock device?
  3. Nicole: Am I going to be arrested for posting my child’s bathtub photos on Facebook?

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