$50,000 Verdict for Low-Impact Motor Vehicle Accident


When our client was side-swiped by an inattentive driver, Allstate Insurance Company refused to pay a fair amount for its insured’s negligent acts.  We were able to win a verdict for our client in the amount of $50,000.  This was almost double what Allstate was willing to pay.


The Defendant pulled out of Grasso Plaza onto Gravois Road in St. Louis, Missouri. The Defendant failed to yield and ran into our client’s vehicle, causing it to spin 180 degrees.

Case Dismissed for Failure to Prosecute

My client was charged with leaving the scene of an accident. Interestingly, the first my client ever heard anything about the charges was when she received a court summons in the mail. My client wasn’t in the area when the alleged offense occurred and no police officer ever called her to investigate the matter.

Knowing that the prosecutor would have a hard time carrying his burden of proof, I set the case for trial. The prosecutor refused to dismiss the case and claimed his witnesses would appear at trial.

What are some tricks lawyers use during depositions to trip up the witness?

I found a great article on twelve common deposition techniques attorneys use to throw off the witness. The list is below, but the article is worth reading.

  1. The Big Pause
  2. How Boring
  3. Mr. Nasty
  4. The Stick
  5. The Carrot
  6. The Fireside Chat
  7. You Must Be An Idiot
  8. Karnak (a/k/a ESP Questions)
  9. Slimy Questions
  10. The Motor Mouth
  11. The Idiot
  12. The Stall

Deposition Tricks: