What Should I Do If An Insurance Adjuster Calls Me About My Injury Case?


Attorney Tyson Mutrux describes in this video what should you do if an insurance adjuster calls you about your injury case?

Tyson Mutrux: Hi, Tyson Mutrux with Mutrux Finney, P.C.. Today I’m answering the question of what you should do if an insurance adjuster calls you about your personal injury case. Now, the first thing I should advise you to do is if you’ve got an attorney, give them your attorney’s information and just have them call your attorney and say, “My attorneys advised me not to speak to anybody, here’s their information.” That’s all you have to do if you do have an attorney.

If you do not have an attorney, it’s okay to give them the basic facts of what happened but make sure you don’t do that as a recorded statement, don’t sign anything and don’t agree to let them come over to be with you because sometimes what they’ll do, especially insurance companies like Progressive or GEICO, they’ll ask to come to your house and actually take photographs of the vehicle of you and ask you some questions. Do not do that. The main things are do not sign anything, do not let them come over and do not give a recorded statement.

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