250 Jury Trials in 10 Years

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We’re on a Mission

250 jury trials

Earlier this year, we created a mission that will set our firm on a trajectory far different than most firms. The goal is big. It’s audacious. Some would even say it’s downright crazy (sometimes we agree), especially in a world where most firms are trying to “turn and burn” as many cases as possible.

We’re not one of those firms and we never will be.

So What’s the Mission?

We’re going try 250 jury trials in the first 10 years of our firm’s existence. “Why,” you might ask? For no other reason than to get better results for our clients. You see, when a firm is known for settling cases (turning and burning), the average case values go down. In other words, our clients don’t get what they deserve.

What’s in it for Us?

Other than helping our clients, not much. Our costs go up significantly. And since we only get paid if we win, this means our risk goes up, too.

But frankly, we’re sick and tired of firms just taking whatever the insurance companies offer. Too many firms just lay down, most of the time to the disservice of their clients.

We’re taking a stand.  The more law firms fight back, the more insurance companies will be forced to pay what the client deserves.

What’s in it for You?

Higher settlements. Being made whole. Getting the compensation you deserve. That should be enough.

Justice can be a sweet thing.

How Can YOU Get Involved?


If you’re an attorney, try your cases. Stand up for your clients. Don’t accept the low offers the insurance companies are making. If you know the case is worth more but don’t want to try the case, co-counsel with us. We’ll work with you to get your clients what they deserve.

Friends, Family and Clients

Take the journey with us. Accept our advice when we tell you your case is worth more (and if it’s not). If you know someone that needs help, send them our way.

Are We Crazy?

Maybe, but the insurance companies will feel our wrath. Join our fight. Get involved by contacting us here or by calling us at (888)550.4026.