“Car Crash Insurance Claims: Unpacking the Process”

Car Crash Insurance Claims: Unpacking the Process

In the moments following a car crash, it can be overwhelming. But if you know what to expect from the car insurance claims process, you can be better prepared.

Insurance companies expect you to know your rights and responsibilities after a crash. They also have certain procedures they must follow when investigating a claim. Understanding these procedures is key to getting your claim resolved quickly and fairly.

What You Need To Do After A Crash

The first step after an accident is to call the police and get a police report. This document will serve as evidence in your claim, so make sure it contains accurate information about the incident.

Next, contact your insurance company and let them know about the crash. They will want to know who was involved, when and where it happened, and what property was damaged. The more information you can provide, the more efficiently they will be able to investigate your claim.

Once you’ve reported the accident, you may need to provide additional documents related to the incident. These could include photos of the scene, medical bills, repair estimates, or any other records that support your account of events.

How Insurance Companies Investigate Claims

When handling an auto insurance claim, insurance companies are looking for two things: fault and liability. Fault is who caused the accident; liability is who is financially responsible for any damages that resulted from it.

To determine fault and liability in a car crash claim, insurers typically do three things: investigate the scene of the accident, talk to witnesses, and review medical records (if applicable). They may also review security footage or other evidence that supports their findings.

Once their investigation is complete, they will use this evidence to formulate an opinion on who was at fault and who should be held liable for any damages or injuries that occurred as a result of the crash.

When You Should Get A Lawyer

If your insurance company denies your claim or offers you a settlement that doesn’t cover all of your expenses related to the accident, then it’s time to get a lawyer involved. A lawyer can help you dispute your insurer’s decision and negotiate for a higher payout if necessary.

It’s important to remember that insurance companies are businesses – their goal is to minimize payouts in order to maximize profits. Having an experienced lawyer on your side can help ensure you don’t get taken advantage of during this process.


No one ever wants to experience a car accident – but if you do find yourself in this situation, it’s important to understand how car insurance claims work so that you can get fair compensation for any damages or injuries that occur as a result of the crash. Knowing what steps you need to take after an accident and when it’s time to seek legal help are key elements of navigating this process successfully.