Case Expenses in a Personal Injury Case

Attorney Tyson Mutrux describes in this video the typical expenses in a personal injury case.

Hi, Tyson Mutrux here again with the Mutrux Law Firm. Today we’re really just going to talk about case expenses. How much in case expenses we may actually incur on a case. It’s just a really simple topic that I’m going to talk about to you so you can fully understand what you’re getting into when you come to our firm.

So, case expenses, or any expense we may incur when we’re trying to better your case or improve your case. We’re not going to spend a dollar on your case unless it’s actually going to benefit you in some way. I’ll tell you, in probably 90% percent of cases, especially auto accident cases, the most expenses that we will have are just for your medical records and bills. Maybe a police report in an auto accident case and those will usually total less than $300.00. So sometimes people think, “Oh my gosh, you’re going to spend a bunch of money on case expenses and it’s going to lower the value of my case”, or something like that. That’s not true. Really we’re not going to ever spend a dollar, unless it’s going to benefit you in some way.

So, to give you an idea, medical records are usually $300.00 or less, a lot of times it’s much less than that. A police report usually costs less than $10.00. In the cases where we actually have to file a lawsuit, that’s whenever the case expenses start to ramp up. Anything prior to a filing a lawsuit, you’re looking at no more than $300.00 in case expenses. If it’s for the more serious cases, I will tell you the medical records could range in the thousands of dollars, and obviously we front all of those expenses. You’re not going to have to pay any of these expenses. We are fronting all this, and are going to get reimbursed through the settlement, if there is a settlement. If there was no settlement, then we will get stuck holding the bag on that.

Once we file a lawsuit, if we do file a lawsuit, we’re going to have deposition costs which are about $300.00 a deposition. So let’s say it’s an auto accident case. $300.00 for your deposition, and $300.00 for the other person’s deposition. You add that onto the medical records and bills. If there are any experts, especially doctors, we’ll have to pay them to testify. If we have to depose them, we have to pay them, we have to pay for the deposition, and we have to pay them to go to the deposition. So, there’s a lot of expenses that actually do go into this. Filing fees, if we have to file a lawsuit in St. Louis area, St. Charles, mid-Missouri’s, Columbia Missouri around there. Usually the filing fees are typically less than $200.00 and it’s about $30-50 to actually serve a defendant in a case.

So, as I said, once we file suit the case expenses do start to ramp up. Typically your average case to go all the way to trial, we’re probably looking at $5000 – $10,000 dollars in case expenses if we file a lawsuit. Again, prior to filing a lawsuit we’re looking at less than $300. That’s just to give you a brief overview of case expenses, what there may be incurred in your case. If you have any other questions about that, please give me a call at (888) 550-4026 or check us out at Thanks a lot, and have a great day.

Tyson Mutrux