Construction Workers Killed and Injured

Tuesday, May 22nd

Construction worker, Dennis J. Beard of Pocahontas, Illinois, was killed on Tuesday, May 22nd when a car collided with a truck mounter attenuator (TMA). The TMA was attached to the rear of a construction vehicle where Beard and three other workers were located.

Where the Crash Occurred

The accident happened on the inside shoulder of eastbound I-64.

The Names of the People Involved

Three other workers were also injured from the crash. Two of the workers, Brian Moore and Adam Evers, were taken to St. Louis University Hospital and the third, Corey Links, was taken to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in serious condition. Moore arrived in critical condition and Evers was taken into surgery. The driver of the vehicle was taken to Memorial Hospital in Belleville. The workers were painting new stripes on the highway when the accident occurred.
Dennis Bears was 38 and a father of three.