“Exploring the Increase in Car Crash Claims in Flagstaff, Arizona”

Exploring the Increase in Car Crash Claims in Flagstaff, Arizona

Car crashes are an unfortunately common occurrence in Flagstaff, Arizona. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, there were 11,557 reported car crashes in the region during 2019. That same year, there were 1,179 reported injury crashes and 28 fatal crashes. In 2020, due to the pandemic, car crash numbers were significantly lower with 8,834 total reported crashes. However, even with this decrease in traffic volumes, the amount of car crash claims has increased significantly.

What’s Behind the Increase?

There are several factors that could be contributing to the increase in car crash claims in Flagstaff. One of these is the increase in distracted driving. With more people relying on their phones for entertainment and communication while on the road, it can be easy to take your eyes off the road and become distracted. Additionally, drug and alcohol use while driving continues to be a problem in Flagstaff. According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, there were 78 DUI arrests in Flagstaff during 2020.

Another factor that could be contributing to increased car crash claims is the sheer number of vehicles on the roads. As Flagstaff continues to grow as a city, more people are likely to move there and commute around town by car. This can lead to more congestion on the roads and lead to more accidents as a result.

The Need for a Lawyer

Given all these factors at play, it’s no wonder that car crash claims have been on the rise in Flagstaff recently. If you have been involved in a car crash yourself, you may need help from a lawyer to get through it. A good lawyer can help you understand your rights when it comes to filing a claim and work with you to make sure you get everything you’re entitled to from your insurance company or from any other party involved in your case.

The Benefits of Legal Representation

Having legal representation is essential when filing a car crash claim for several reasons. First off, an experienced lawyer understands what kind of evidence is needed for your case and how best to present it before an insurance company or court of law. They will also be familiar with any relevant laws that may impact your case and can provide advice on how best to proceed with filing a claim or negotiating with insurance companies.

Additionally, lawyers will know how much compensation you should be entitled too after a car accident and can help negotiate with insurance companies if they are offering lower amounts than what you’re owed. Finally, having legal representation means having someone who is there for you every step of the way throughout your case and who will look out for your best interests at all times.

Finding a Lawyer

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Flagstaff and need legal assistance for filing a claim, there are many qualified lawyers available who specialize in this area of law. It’s important that you find someone who is experienced enough with handling cases like yours so that they can provide sound advice and represent your interests properly throughout your case. You should also make sure that they have experience working with insurance companies so that they can advocate for you effectively when negotiating settlements or other matters related to your case.

Final Thoughts
With an increase in car accident claims in Flagstaff being seen recently due to numerous factors including distracted driving and increased traffic volumes on local roads, it’s important that those affected by these accidents know their rights when it comes time to file their claims. Having legal representation during this process can make sure that those affected get everything they’re entitled too and ensure that their interests are looked after throughout their cases.