How Do I Get Out of a Missouri Traffic Ticket?

Quite simply, unless you have a true defense, you can’t unless you hire an attorney.

Some true defenses include:

1. Legal justification (coercion, necessity, entrapment, self defense)

2. The driver cannot be correctly identified: This is rare. If you take your case to trial, it will be very easy to identify who you are because you will be the one sitting at the defense table.

3. The vehicle cannot be correctly identified: This is usually attempted when you are driving in a pack of vehicles. However, radar is very accurate these days, and it is hard to prove that the officer was aiming at the wrong vehicle.

4. Jurisdiction of law enforcement: If the officer is out of his jurisdiction, then he obviously can’t give you a ticket. Be careful, however, of municipalities that share police forces.

Your best and easiest option is to just hire a lawyer. Lawyers can easily get your traffic ticket amended to a non-moving violation without much hassle. Besides, most attorneys charge less than $100 to “fix”a ticket (I only charge $50).