How much does it cost to hire a Missouri DWI/DUI lawyer?

I can’t speak for other attorneys, but my rates are below.  Remember that if you go cheap, you’re going to get cheap representation (you get what you pay for).  Lawyers that charge low rates typically don’t do full investigations for one simple reason; they can’t afford to because you didn’t pay them enough. Keep this in mind when hiring an attorney.

First DWI: $1,250 ($1,000 if you pay 100% up front)

Each Subsequent DWI: $1,250

DWI involving a motor vehicle accident: $5,000

DWI involving an injured victim (not death): $15,000

DWI Expungement: $750


  • Veteran/Service Member: 25%
  • Firefighter/Police Officer: 15%
  • Teacher: 15%

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