SIS – Suspended Imposition of Sentence

Suspended Imposition of Sentence

This is a way for the state to give you a break and give you a chance to stay out of trouble for a certain period of time.  The duration put on the Suspended Imposition of Sentence, also known as probation, is set by the court.  An SIS is generally given to defendants that have plead guilty or plea bargain for a crime.

If a person gets into trouble again during the probationary period, then the court can punish the person for the crime committed previously.  If the person does not get into trouble during the probationary period, then the crime is forgiven and the person is not convicted.

Think of it as a second chance in exchange for good behavior.

Do you have to list an SIS or suspended imposition of sentence on job applications if they are asking for felony convictions?

If granted an SIS – Suspended Imposition of Sentence – the Court views the matter as a conviction until a successful “Discharge Order” is signed by the Court having jurisdiction.  It is strongly suggested that the probationer be honest on all applications and provide further clarification to the potential employer if necessary.

Once the sentence has been completed successfully and a “Discharge Order” signed, your record for this felony is sealed and you may then rightfully answer “no” to that question on applications.  The most important part of making sure your record is sealed is having “Discharge Order” signed.