The Good and Bad of MIPs (Minor In Possession)

Attorney Greg Klote describes in this video the good and the bad of MIPs.

Hi, this is Greg Klote and today we’re talking about the good and the bad of MIPs. Let’s start with the bad first. The bad thing is that they are tough to fight in court. It’s basically the officer saying, “Hey I saw you holding liquor”, “I saw you having liquor in your car”, “I saw you purchasing liquor” or “I saw you intoxicated over 0.02% blood-alcohol content.

The other thing is it’s tough because the liquor doesn’t even have to be open. It just has to be in possession. That could be in the possession of someone’s hand, the bag that’s on them, or in their vehicle.

Now the good thing about MIPs is first, they are the lowest class of misdemeanors. It’s a class D if it’s only your first offense. The second good thing about MIPs is if you keep a clean record. Meaning that, if you have no other run-ins with the law, if you only have one MIP, one year after your 21st birthday so at 22 you’re eligible to have your record expunged. Expunged means basically wiping away your entire criminal record. It will be gone forever.

If you have any more questions about Minor in Possessions or MIPs, reach out to us today.