What Color Car Gets in the Most Accidents?

Have you ever wondered what color car gets in the most accidents? The answer might surprise you, but it’s actually black cars that are involved in car accidents more often than other colors. Surprisingly, you are 47% more likely to be involved in an accident if you drive a darker-colored car at night and 12% more likely during the day according to Monash University. So, why is this, and what does this say about the color of the car you choose? Learn more with Mutrux Firm Injury Lawyers today!

Analyzing Accident Statistics by Car Color

For a while now, the relationship between car color and accident rates has been the subject of interest when it comes to road safety research. Studies show that certain car colors are more likely to be involved in accidents due to a few factors. For example, as we’ve mentioned before, cars that are darker are more likely to have higher accident rates. This is due to their lower visibility, especially at night or during inclement weather. They also blend into the environment much easier than lighter-colored cars, which makes them more difficult to spot.

On the other hand, lighter-colored vehicles, such as white or yellow cars, are involved in accidents less frequently. They can more easily be seen regardless of the time of day, especially under street lighting at night. Believe it or not, the choice of vehicle colors also influences driving behaviors, further complicating this scenario.

Understanding the impact of car color on accident rates helps guide consumers on what color vehicles to purchase to reduce their likelihood of accidents. This is an important thing to consider, as it helps you to be safer on the road and is an often overlooked element to look at when purchasing a vehicle.

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High-Risk Colors: Which Car Colors Are Most Accident-Prone?

Choosing a vehicle can be a difficult endeavor, and it becomes even more difficult to choose when you add vehicle color and visibility into the mix. It comes as no surprise that darker-colored vehicles are more accident-prone. Vehicles that are black or dark blue are at a higher risk of accidents due to their reduced visibility. 

Low-Risk Colors: Safer Choices for Your Next Vehicle

Low-risk colors that are more visible, such as yellow or white, are some of the best vehicles you can purchase if you’re looking to reduce your chances of getting into an accident. These lighter-colored vehicles can more easily be seen at night or during inclement weather. 

When searching for a new vehicle, it’s important to keep in mind that you might even have less expensive insurance if you purchase a lighter-colored vehicle rather than a darker-colored vehicle.

How Weather and Lighting Conditions Influence Car Color Safety

Weather and lighting conditions play a huge role in vehicle visibility and safety and are one of the most important factors that influence accident rates. Conditions such as rain or fog can decrease visibility and make darker-colored vehicles more difficult to see. Dusk and dawn are also difficult times for visibility on the road, as these low light conditions can significantly hinder visibility and cause accidents if drivers are not alert behind the wheel. 


Tips for Choosing a Car Color with Safety in Mind

When looking for a new vehicle, color is usually not the first thing that crosses consumer’s minds when it comes to safety. However, it is critical to know more about vehicle colors and how they relate to safety and visibility. Let’s check out a few tips for choosing a car color with safety in mind.

Opt for High Visibility Colors

One of the most important things to consider is the color of your vehicle. The most highly visible colors on the road are white, yellow, and silver. They are more visible in various lighting conditions; therefore, fewer accidents occur with these colors of vehicles.

Consider Your Driving Environment

It’s also important to consider your driving environment. Do you live in a wet, rainy climate? Do you drive at dusk when fog is most common? Do you drive often at night? These are all things to consider when purchasing a new vehicle. If you drive in urban areas, bright colors might stand out better. However, if you live in a more rural area, it is important to choose colors that contrast with natural surroundings.

Think About Weather Conditions

If you live in a region with fog, rain, or snow, it is critical to purchase a bright-colored vehicle to ensure you are safe in any adverse weather conditions. In these conditions, white and silver cars are less likely to blend into fog or snowy weather.

Assess Nighttime Visibility

Cars with reflective surfaces or brighter colors are much easier to see a night, which is especially true with white vehicles.

Maintenance and Cleanliness

Lighter-colored vehicles are even less prone to accumulating dirt, making them stand out more between washes.

Consider Safety Features

It’s important to realize that vehicle color is not the only thing to consider, as it is important to choose vehicles equipped with modern safety features such as automatic headlights and reflective strips that enhance visibility.

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