What is Victim Impact Panel (VIP)?

Attorney Tyson Mutrux discusses in this video Victim Impact Panels (VIP) and DWI cases.

Hi, Tyson Mutrux here with the Mutrux Law Firm and today I’m answering the question of, “What is VIP, or Victim Impact Panel?”

VIP, or the VIP class sometimes you’ll hear it called,  is quite simply just a class put on by Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers. They actually talk to you about how drunk drivers have affected their lives. It’s usually a 1-2 hour class. It costs between $30-150. It’s really quick. You just go through, no one is going to harass you. It is not counseling, or anything like that. It’s pretty simple, you go, you sit, and you listen. That’s about it.

Hopefully that answered your question of what VIP, or Victim Impact Panel is. For other questions like this, feel free to give us a call at, (888) 550-4026. Thanks!