What types of damages are available in a personal injury claim in Jefferson City, Missouri?

In Jefferson City, Missouri, there are many types of damages that a person may be entitled to receive in a personal injury claim. Personal injury claims are civil lawsuits brought by an injured person for harm they have suffered due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness. The types of damages available in such a case depend on the facts and circumstances of the accident and the extent of the injuries suffered.

The most common type of damages available in a personal injury claim is compensatory damages. These are intended to compensate the injured person for their losses, such as medical bills, lost wages, and any physical pain and suffering caused by the accident. In some cases, the injured party may also be able to recover damages for emotional distress and loss of enjoyment of life.

In addition to compensatory damages, there may also be punitive damages available in a personal injury case. Punitive damages are designed to punish wrongdoers who acted with intentional malice or reckless disregard for safety. While these types of awards are not common, they can be quite substantial and can have a significant impact on a jury’s decision in awarding damages to an injured person.

In some cases, an injured party may also be entitled to receive non-economic damages. These damages do not have an exact dollar amount attached to them but can include compensation for intangible losses such as loss of companionship or loss of quality of life due to an injury. Non-economic damages may also include awards for mental anguish and humiliation or embarrassment resulting from the accident.

Finally, if a personal injury claim is successful, the court may award attorneys’ fees and other litigation costs associated with bringing the case before the court. This means that even if a plaintiff does not receive any money from the defendant, they may still be entitled to reimbursement for their legal expenses incurred during the course of their lawsuit.

No two personal injury claims are alike, so it is important to consult with an experienced attorney in order to properly assess what types of damages may be available in your specific case. An experienced attorney will be able to review your case and advise you as to what types of losses you may be able to recover in your Jefferson City, Missouri personal injury claim.