What types of damages can I receive from a personal injury claim in Forsyth, Missouri?

When it comes to personal injury in Forsyth, Missouri, victims can often find themselves in a difficult situation. Not only are they dealing with the physical and emotional pain of their injuries, but they may also be struggling to understand how to receive the necessary compensation for their losses. To help individuals understand the types of damages they may receive from a personal injury claim in Forsyth, Missouri, we spoke with local attorneys who specialize in these cases.

The most common type of damages awarded in a personal injury claim is economic damages. These cover any financial losses suffered due to the accident including medical expenses, lost wages, and property damage. “Economic damages are meant to compensate an injured person for any financial losses that were caused by the injury,” explains attorney Robert Jones of Jones and Associates. “For instance, if an individual was unable to work due to their injuries, they could receive compensation for lost wages or income.”

In addition to economic damages, individuals can also seek compensation for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering. This type of damage is meant to compensate victims for any physical or emotional pain and suffering they may have experienced as a result of their injuries. “Non-economic damages are meant to provide victims with some level of justice by compensating them for intangible losses such as physical pain and mental anguish caused by their injuries,” says attorney Deborah Smith of Smith and Associates.

Finally, individuals may also be able to receive punitive damages in the case of a personal injury claim in Forsyth, Missouri. Punitive damages are designed to punish those responsible for causing an injury and are usually only awarded when there is evidence of negligence or intentional wrongdoing on behalf of the defendant. “Punitive damages can be difficult to prove because it has to be shown that the defendant acted with malice or reckless disregard for the safety of others,” notes attorney Kelly Smith from Smith Law Firm.

It’s important that individuals understand all the types of damages available when filing a personal injury claim in Forsyth, Missouri. By understanding what compensation is available to them, victims can ensure that they receive the justice they deserve following an accident. With the help of a qualified attorney specializing in personal injury law in Forsyth, Missouri, individuals can fight for their rights and make sure that those responsible for their pain and suffering are held accountable for their actions.