Why $1 Million does’t always mean $1 Million

Do you ever see attorneys advertising million-dollar judgments?  If you ever have the chance, ask that attorney how he obtained the judgment. You’ll likely be shocked by the answer.

Often, the judgment was what we call a “default judgment,” essentially meaning that the defendant never answered the lawsuit or failed to appear.  When this happens, some unscrupulous lawyers amend the lawsuit and ask for something over a million dollars with no intention of collecting a dime.  Once the judge enters judgment in favor of the plaintiff (the party filing the claim), that attorney can then claim he won a million dollar judgment.

Sound unethical?  I sure think so, and that’s why I don’t do it. I never will.

Unfortunately, I see it all the time.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s $1 Million or $100 Million, some attorneys will say anything. That’s why when you’re looking for an attorney, ask for the details. Don’t be tricked by advertisements.