Will I Go to Jail for My First DWI in Missouri?

Unless you seriously injure or kill someone, not likely.  In Missouri, the penalties can be harsh, but will rarely require jail time.

A DWI in Missouri, specifically in St. Louis, will usually lead to the following penalties and fees:

  • Court Costs: $115 to $150
  • Administrative Fees: $505 to $1,380
  • Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP)
  • Assessment screening to review your driving record: $126
  • Victim Impact Panel (VIP)
  • Alcohol and Drug Education Program (ADEP)
  • Defensive Driving School
  • Depending on the municipality, possible community service
  • License Reinstatement Fee: $45
  • Ignition Interlock Device Fee: $190
  • Insurance Rate Increases: $5,080 or more over five years
  • Loss of professional license for doctors, pilots, lawyers and teachers

Thus, if you get arrested for your first DWI, it’s certainly a serious deal.  However, the chances of going to jail are slim.