Your Best Witness: An In-Car Dash Camera

My wife Amy was in a car crash a few years ago. At the scene, the at-fault driver accused Amy of being at fault, saying she ran a red light. Initially, the police officers that arrived at the scene believed the other driver’s story. This was partially due to the fact that Amy was being hauled off in an ambulance and didn’t have a chance to speak to the police.

We Didn’t Have a Dash Camera, But…

Luckily, Bel-Nor Police Department Chief Scott Ford did an excellent job investigating the case. Chief Ford was able to pull the video recording from the red light cameras at the intersection of Natural Bridge Road and Clearview Drive. [Note: this is extremely rare and impossible under most circumstances].

Through the red light camera video, we were able to show that not only did the other driver run the red light, but she was also driving significantly over the speed limit. The camera had a full view of the crash AND contained a radar detector (pretty cool, right?).

We Got Lucky

At the scene, the other driver lied and said Amy ran the red light.  This happens all the time and we can hardly ever disprove it. Without the video, this would have been a she said-she said car crash, and both insurance companies would have denied liability for the crash.

Instead, the other driver received a ticket and her insurance had to pay for the damage to Amy’s car and for her injuries.

Protect Yourself – Get Your Own Dash Camera

As personal injury lawyers, we don’t have the good fortune of getting dash camera videos in 99.9% of car crashes. If we did have a dash camera video, our job would be far easier. That’s why we recommend you purchase an in-vehicle dash camera to protect your rights and your interests. Until recently, these were far too expense to purchase. But with technology, things change fast.

Things have certainly changed indeed. You can get a very good dash camera for a very reasonable price and they can easily be installed in minutes. The one we found here has the highest reviews on Amazon and can be purchased for $52.99.

An Added Layer of Insurance (without the monthly payment)

You pay hundreds (maybe thousands) for insurance each year. And when you need it, it’s not always there to protect you. But consider a dash camera for your car a cheap insurance policy on the honesty of others that actually protects you when you need it.

Be safe out there!