Clayton Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer

Side-impact accidents could occur at any time in Clayton. Whether at an intersection or leaving a parking lot, these crashes are often more than a simple nuisance. In addition to any potential injuries that might occur, the vehicle damage involved in a side-impact accident could also be notable.

As a victim of a side-impact collision, you have the right to seek monetary damages from the driver responsible for the crash. An experienced car accident attorney could review the facts of your case and identify the types of damages available to you. In many cases, a Clayton side-impact car accident lawyer could help you negotiate a settlement with the responsible driver or obtain a favorable verdict at trial.

Common Causes of Side-Impact Collisions

There are two broad categories of side-impact car accidents. The first, and most devastating, is known as a T-bone collision. T-bone accidents involve the front end of one vehicle striking the side of another. The force of impact in these collisions can be devastating and could lead to serious injuries for the occupants of either vehicle. Typical causes of a T-bone collision involve drivers ignoring stop signs or traffic lights or turning in front of oncoming traffic.

The second type of side-impact collision is known as a broadside collision. These accidents typically occur when the sides of two vehicles collide while driving the same direction. This can occur when a driver attempts to change lanes despite another vehicle parallel to it. While these crashes do not typically involve the severe impact of a T-bone crash, they have the potential for critical injuries due to the potential of a car rolling over.

The Risks of a Rollover

While the damages from any side-impact crash can be severe, the injuries sustained are most likely to have lasting consequences following a rollover accident. They are common with side-impact crashes due to the location of the impact and the propensity for a car struck on its side to roll.

These accidents carry steep consequences. A rollover crash involves a major impact on the roof of the vehicle, which is typically the least supported part of a car. The damage from a rollover is often catastrophic.

Damages in a Side-Impact Crash Lawsuit

When a Clayton side-impact car accident lawyer reviews the facts of a case for the first time, they should identify all of the physical, emotional, and economic damages facing a crash victim. While bodily injuries are typically the focus of a lawsuit, it is important to note that injured motorists could recover compensation for their emotional harm as well as the damage done to their vehicle. Some of the typical types of damages following a side-impact crash include:

  • Vehicle repair bills
  • Mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills
  • Loss of consortium
  • Lost Wages
  • Disfigurement

Discuss your Options with a Clayton Side-Impact Car Accident Attorney

It is not difficult to understand how a side-impact crash can result in devastating consequences. The potential for a significant impact and even vehicle rollover is enormous. When you survive a side-impact crash, you could require strong legal representation to protect your rights.

If your accident was the fault of another driver, you should not have to shoulder the financial burden of the crash by yourself. To seek compensation from the at-fault party, reach out to a Clayton side-impact car accident lawyer right away.