Clayton Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Life-altering accidents happen every day, including spinal cord injuries that may require constant medical care for the rest of a patient’s life. The costs of caring for a spinal cord injury are sometimes enormous, and spinal cord injury victims may suffer lifelong pain and distress.

If you experienced a spinal cord injury as a result of an accident caused by someone else, compensation might be available to assist you with your injuries. A consultation with a Clayton spinal cord injury lawyer may help ensure that you are fully compensated for the injuries you sustained from the accident. Reach out to an experienced catastrophic injury attorney today.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Automobile incidents, work-related accidents, and slip and falls account for a large percentage of spinal cord injuries. When a spinal cord injury results from the negligence of a motorist, an employer, or a property owner who failed to exercise a duty of care, a personal injury lawsuit may help secure financial compensation. The amount of compensation available in a lawsuit varies based on the severity of the spinal cord injury.

Two types of spinal cord injuries can occur after an injury. Complete spinal cord injuries result in a failure of the spinal cord to function below the injury. An incomplete spinal cord injury will result in a loss of sensation below the injury, but will not cause complete paralysis.

Spinal Cord Injuries Resulting in Paralysis

When paralysis does occur, there are two types of paralysis resulting from a spinal cord injury. Tetraplegia occurs when an injury results in the inability to move your hands, arms, legs, or trunk. Paraplegia limits the ability to move the trunk, pelvic organs, and legs, but there is still movement in the hands and arms.

While debilitating, an incomplete spinal cord injury may require less attention from medical staff, and limit the loss of enjoyment and pain and suffering. A complete spinal cord injury may require medical care for the life of the injured party.

Due to the differences in current and future medical needs of different spinal cord injuries, a spinal cord injury lawyer in Clayton may help assess the potential compensation from a personal injury lawsuit based on their specific injuries.

Compensation in a Clayton Spinal Cord Injury Claim

If a spinal cord injury occurred from an accident caused by someone else, compensation might be available for economic and non-economic losses sustained from the injury. Economic losses include:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Medical care costs
  • Future medical costs

Non-economic losses are typically harder to value and are based on a case by case basis. These include:

  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

In some cases, additional compensation is awarded when an injury caused by a defendant’s intentional act or willful misconduct led to a spinal cord injury. This type of compensation, called “punitive damages,” may be awarded in addition to economic and non-economic losses as a form of punishment to the defendant.

When a spinal cord injury occurs after an accident caused by someone else, there are several factors considered in a lawsuit for compensation. Talking with a Clayton spinal cord injury lawyer may be the best first step in evaluating the damages you may be entitled to.

Speak with a Clayton Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Today

After a spinal cord injury, enormous medical bills and the inability to work may increase the need to be compensated quickly and completely. If an accident resulted in a spinal cord injury, contact a Clayton spinal cord injury lawyer as soon as possible for an evaluation. With an attorney at your side, you may be able to collect the compensation you deserve. To get started, be sure to schedule a consultation today.