Columbia Bus Accident Lawyer

The injuries and harm that come after a crash involving a bus may be as unexpected as they are severe. Buses’ large size and lumbering nature may convince some that they are safe modes of transportation, but this is a false perception. Like is true for any other large commercial vehicle, careless operation of a bus can lead to a wreck that seriously hurts or even kills others.

A Columbia bus accident lawyer understands the threat that careless bus operators pose to others on the roadway. An experienced attorney can help you in exercising your legal right to seek compensation if you or a member of your family are hurt in a wreck involving a bus.

Who are the Responsible Parties Following a Bus Crash?

Bus drivers may cause bus accidents, but there may be others who are responsible in some way for the crash. Identifying these responsible parties is a crucial step in obtaining compensation. The driver of the bus is liable for any injuries caused by a crash if they commit any of the following acts:

  • Drinking alcohol or consuming drugs of any type and then operating under the influence of those substances
  • Not being aware of one’s surroundings, including neglecting to give other traffic sufficient clearance
  • Texting on a telephone while also attempting to drive
  • Violating traffic laws and traffic rules while driving

Similarly, others may be responsible for contributing to a crash because:

  • The bus driver at fault in the accident has a history of careless or dangerous driving, but the bus company continues to employ the driver
  • The manufacturer of the bus itself allowed one or more defects to enter into the design or manufacturing process, and these defects then contributed to the crash
  • A mechanic hired to inspect and repair the bus may fail to see and fix an obvious problem and that problem after that leads to an accident.

Attorneys who represent injury victims of bus crashes in Columbia can help identify the party responsible for causing the bus accident.

What Compensation Can Injured Plaintiffs Recover?

People hurt in a bus crash who need medical treatment or who have to miss work may be able to obtain a judgment through a lawsuit directing the party responsible for the collision pay for such expenses. Other out-of-pocket expenses such as prescription drug costs, counseling, and therapeutic services may also be compensable.

Injured plaintiffs may also recover compensation for expenses they might incur in the future. Plaintiffs who need ongoing rehabilitation services or who have permanent disabilities that impact their ability to earn an income, may have these losses and expenses compensated in addition to any other harm that they suffered.

Victims planning to file an injury claim should rely on the help of a Columbia bus accident lawyer to help them understand the compensation they are entitled to recover.

Contact a Columbia Bus Accident Attorney

Once you or your close family member have suffered injuries in a bus accident, you may have only five years from the date of the crash to file a claim to obtain compensation. Acting swiftly to have your situation investigated and your claim filed can mean the difference between recovering compensation for your losses and receiving nothing at all. Speak with a Columbia bus accident lawyer to learn more about your eligibility to recover compensation.