Columbia Rental Car Accident Lawyer

When visiting from out of state, or simply need another vehicle while your primary car is being worked on, most people rely heavily on rental car services. Although this service provides a huge benefit to those in need, drivers are expected to drive their vehicle in a safe and responsible manner. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

If you sustained injuries from a negligent driver operating a rental vehicle, it may be wise to retain the services of a trusted attorney. A St. Louis rental car accident lawyer could help you identify the at-fault party and help you determine the amount of compensation owed to you. To get started on a case, be sure to schedule a consultation today.

Legal Definition of a Rental Vehicle

As defined by Columbia law, a rental car is as any vehicle being used for pay that is not owned by the driver. These vehicles could vary from small compact cars to commercial vehicles. Depending on the size of the vehicle, different standards and laws might apply to these vehicles. When renting a commercial vehicle, the driver must have the proper license to drive that vehicle. If they do not or if they do not drive the vehicle in the proper manner, it could expose them to additional liabilities.

Differences between Zipcars, Vacation Rental, Car2go, et cetera?

Vehicles could be rented in a variety of ways, which is the difference between Zipcars, Vacation Rental, Car2go, et cetera. The types of rental that most people think of are a standard rental car that they would get through Enterprise, Avis, or Budget, which are most commonly vacation-type rentals. However, there are a variety of others through companies such as Zipcar and Car2go. These are more of a car-sharing model as opposed to an actual rental car. When it comes to any of these vehicles, their personal insurance policy should cover them.

Insurance Coverage for a Rental Car

Insurance coverage differs between a typical car accident injury and a rental car accident. Car crashes involving rental cars could become a nightmare when it comes to rental coverage. This is because some insurance companies require proof of insurance prior to renting out the vehicle, but not all do. Making matters worse, some people rent cars, waive for insurance, and do not carry their own insurance policy. Most people do not realize that their own insurance coverage covers them while driving a rental. However, even though they may have paid for the additional rental coverage through the rental company, this insurance is typically minimal and is secondary to their own insurance policy. This is why it is usually unnecessary to get rental coverage when they have their own auto policy.

Fact Patterns Regarding Rental Car Accidents in Columbia

There are recognizable fact patterns surrounding Columbia rental car accidents. There is a truth that many car crashes in Columbia that involve rental cars typically involve people that are uninsured. About 50 percent of all cases involving rental cars involve other drivers that are not insured. This means that a Columbia rental car accident lawyer may be required to file uninsured motorist claims with the plaintiff’s own insurance policies so they could be compensated for their personal injury claim.

Common Injuries Sustained in a Rental Car Accident Claim

Some common injuries obtained as a result of a rental car accident in Columbia are neck and head injuries. Rental car accidents many times occur because the other driver is not familiar with the rental car. They are also distracted because they are not used to driving the vehicle. This typically leads to many intersection and rear-end crashes, and the types of injuries associated with these types of crashes are neck and head injuries. However, it is also common for there to be injuries to the person’s arms, legs, and face, depending on the severity of the crash.

Contact a Columbia Rental Car Accident Attorney Today

When a person rents a car, they accept the responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe and responsible manner. However, some drivers choose to ignore this duty, and innocent people could get hurt as a result.

Reach out to a Columbia rental car accident lawyer for help with obtaining damages following a collision with a rented vehicle. With an attorney at your side, the likelihood of obtaining damages could dramatically increase. To get started, schedule a consultation today.