Settling a Car Accident Case in Columbia

Handling a car accident case is rarely an easy task to undertake. There are several factors that must be analyzed, and any misstep could result in an unfavorable result. Amongst these factors is any settlement offers that could be presented by the defense.

Although there are many obvious benefits to accepting a settlement, no action should be taken until the details of your case has been reviewed by an experienced attorney. A lawyer could inform you of the implications that come with settling a car accident case in Columbia and advise you if the decision you should take. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.

Things to Consider in a Columbia Car Accident Settlement

When considering a car accident settlement in Columbia, an injured party should take into account whether they really want to pursue litigation. It is important that they discuss the entire litigation process with their lawyer so they fully understand what they are getting themselves into. They need to know that the defense lawyers will dig into their entire history both private and public.

One of the major things to always keep in mind is whether the case is worth going to trial instead of accepting a settlement. Claimants should fully expect the defense to vigorously try to poke holes in their claim. To do so, the defense will depose the claimant, meaning they will put the claimant in a room with a court reporter and ask them various questions.

In addition, by taking a case to trial in Columbia, the claimant is also risking the ability to recover compensation. Prospective claimants must understand that by having a jury dictate the end result of their case, they must be prepared to fully prove their case to an impartial jury. Plaintiffs must be willing to undertake this responsibility and undergo any attempts made by the defense to discredit their claims.

How Long Does It Take for a Settlement to be Processed?

The amount of time it takes to receive their settlement money once they settle the case can vary, but a general rule is that they will receive their settlement check within two to four weeks. For settlement requiring court approval, it could take weeks to months to get their settlement check, all depending on how soon they can get in front of a judge.

How Can the Settlement Process in an Auto Collision Case Be Expedited?

One of the more effective ways of expediting a settlement award is by making sure to respond to a lawyer’s emails, letters, and phone calls as quickly as possible. Paperwork must be completed and returned to the insurance company or at-fault party before the award is released, making it imperative that the plaintiff and their attorney have a good line of communication running.

Making an attorney aware about any outstanding liens that they may not know of is crucial. If they have any child support liens or any other type of lien, it is important that they know about this so they can negotiate these amounts for them and expedite the settlement.

Common Issues in a Settlement Package

Some of the key issues they will face when negotiating their settlement include the insurance company challenging the medical care they receive. The insurance adjuster will go through every bit of their medical records and try to discredit all of their treatments and the treatment provided by their doctors.

They will also try to look into their prior medical history and determine whether the victim had any pre-existing condition prior to the accident. Insurance adjusters may also claim that they were at least partially at fault, thereby trying to reduce the amount they will receive in their settlement. These issues need to be responded to, which will delay the case by weeks, if not months.

Get in Touch with an Attorney Today

When determining whether to settle a car accident case, victims should make sure to analyze all aspects of the settlement offer. Once an offer has been accepted, the claimant can no longer take a case to court. This makes it imperative that victims take the necessary steps to ensure that they obtain all the compensation owed to them.

To begin discussing the prospects of settling a car accident case in Columbia, schedule a consultation today.