Columbia Burn Injury Lawyer

Careless actions or reckless courses of conduct can cause people to experience burn injuries. A manufacturer may not inform consumers about the chance that one of its products might cause a chemical burn and how consumers might protect themselves.

No matter the severity of your burn injury, speaking with a Columbia burn injury lawyer is always advisable. You may have the ability to file a claim for compensation against the person or entity whose actions led to your burns. This may enable you to obtain the medical and other services you need to maximize your recovery and address other harm you may have suffered. For more information, reach out to a seasoned attorney today.

Burn-Related Harm that is Subject to Compensation

An injured plaintiff may incur financial harm in treating their injuries. This may include having to pay for hospital stays, surgeries, doctors’ office visits, and prescription drug costs. Additionally, a plaintiff may need to miss work – and thereby experience a reduction in pay – to attend medical appointments or to recover. Finally, a plaintiff may also be unable to return to their previous employment due to the loss of a limb or other complications from a burn injury. A plaintiff may receive monetary compensation to address these and other losses that come about because of another’s actions.

Also, scarring or disfigurement may occur in serious burn accidents. These injuries may cause a person to experience additional stress or anxiety. The person may be unable or hesitant to engage in social activities or venture out into the public. This, too, is a “harm” that may be compensable. Any counseling or mental health treatment that may be necessary can also be subject to restitution.

Who Pays for Burn Injuries in Columbia

One critical step in any burn lawsuit is to determine who is responsible for causing the plaintiff’s injuries. Unless a defendant intentionally and personally causes harm to the plaintiff, it is most likely true that an analysis of the facts of a particular incident will be necessary to show a defendant’s fault.

Circumstances that might indicate a defendant is liable for a plaintiff’s harm may include

  • The defendant not following protocols or standard safety rules
  • The defendant ignoring industry labeling practices
  • The defendant needlessly leaving a thermal burn hazard plugged in and turned on

Whether a particular defendant bears any legal liability for the plaintiff’s harm is a question of fact. Tangible and intangible evidence, such as photographs or video recordings of the accident, medical records and medical expert opinions, and eyewitness statements can all be useful in helping show fault and liability. Some of this evidence may be difficult to locate or collect. Still, an attorney who handles burns and other serious injuries may be able to help plaintiffs in accomplishing this task more efficiently.

Contact a Columbia Burn Injury Attorney for Assistance

After suffering burns in an accident, speak to a caring Columbia burn injury lawyer about what legal rights you may have. Your attorney may help you investigate your situation and bring suit against one or more defendants who contributed to your injuries. Compensation obtained through a lawsuit may assist you in addressing your injuries and harm and in providing for your loved ones.