Columbia Paralysis Injury Lawyer

The sudden onset of paralysis following a severe personal injury accident may leave you or your loved one with a multitude of fears and worries. Chief among these concerns may be how you will be able to provide for yourself or your family if you are not able to work or live independently. Paralyzing injuries may be as financially debilitating as they are physically disabling.

A successful injury lawsuit filed against the individual responsible for causing your injury may result in you obtaining a favorable monetary judgment. This compensation could allow you to address the many costs and expenses that your paralyzing injury has created. A Columbia paralysis injury lawyer may be useful in guiding you through the court system in pursuit of monetary damages.

Expenses and Losses Associated with Paralysis

It can be challenging for injured individuals to fully appreciate how catastrophic paralyzing injuries can be until bills and expenses start arriving. Those who are paralyzed may be financially harmed by:

  • The costs of medical procedures, copays, doctors’ appointments, and medications
  • Having their pay reduced or ceased due to being unable to work
  • Needing to hire home health aides or workers to assist with daily activities
  • Purchasing a new vehicle or equipment for an existing car to help with transportation
  • Having to add ramps or otherwise modify their homes to be accessible
  • Experiencing depression or other trauma that requires counseling services

The individual with paralysis may be eligible to recuperate these and other costs that they incurred because of their paralysis. When the person’s paralyzing injuries are due to another person’s careless behaviors caused an accident, the injured party may have certain rights, including the right to seek monetary damages from the at-fault person.

To be qualified to pursue a claim of compensation, the defendant’s negligent conduct must have caused the financial and noneconomic losses of the plaintiff experiences. Columbia lawyers with experience representing plaintiffs in catastrophic injury cases may determine whether the facts of a plaintiff’s injury event could support a claim for compensation.

Past and Future Expenses are Compensable

Paralyzing injuries are routinely permanent. While an injured person may experience some improvement in their ability to move the affected body parts, such an outcome is not routine. Therefore, a plaintiff will likely need compensation not just for their expenses they already experienced but also for their future needs as well.

Estimating the future needs of a person with paralysis is not a simple task. For example, when requesting compensation for future therapy or treatment needs, one must consider how much those services will cost at the time they are needed – which can be significantly higher than the present-day cost of those same services.

Since it is critically important to a plaintiff’s legal rights that they seek an appropriate amount of compensation considering their past and future expenses, paralysis plaintiffs may find that consulting with an experienced Columbia lawyer is helpful and fruitful. An attorney may help the plaintiff and their family consider needs and expenditures that the plaintiff had not considered but will likely require.

When to Contact a Columbia Paralysis Injury Attorney

The sooner that you speak with a Columbia paralysis injury lawyer, the sooner your lawyer may be able to begin work on your case. Your attorney may be able to help by interviewing witnesses, determining who may be at fault for causing your injuries, and filing a lawsuit seeking compensation. In addition, an attorney could act as a representative on your behalf during any settlement negotiations

Speak with your lawyer if you believe your paralysis was brought on by another’s careless acts.