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With an impressive track record representing clients, Tyson Mutrux and The Mutrux Law Firm are a proficient St. Louis personal injury and criminal defense law practice which has demonstrated excellence in getting results for clients. The Mutrux Law Firm has successfully handled suits for individuals dealing with personal injury cases and criminal defense matters.

Pursuing aggressive state-of-the-art techniques and making use of innovative legal tools, as well as cutting-edge trial tactics and strategies, both new and traditional, Attorney Tyson Mutrux of The Mutrux Law Firm makes every effort to ensure a satisfactory resolution for every case.

Whether you need a St. Louis, Missouri attorney who focuses on Personal Injury cases, Criminal Defense matters, or DWI cases, it is the goal of The Mutrux Law Firm to provide our clients with superior service. The firm offers our clients top-quality legal representation which is cost-effective, honest, and respectable. We also strive at all times to take into account the interests and rights of our clients whether we are going after a personal injury claim or defending a client facing serious criminal charges.

Additionally, regardless of the subject matter of a particular case, Tyson Mutrux of The Mutrux Law Firm takes pride in emphasizing his clients’ needs. Through his efficient, personalized and fully committed representation of his many diverse clients who are both individuals and business entities, Mr. Mutrux is able to serve his clients well without compromising his thorough efforts to obtain favorable results for all of his clients.

One of the top subject matters in which Tyson Mutrux has excellent experience is the area of personal injury cases. This personal injury area encompasses the grisly and unfortunate area of dog attack cases, which Mr. Mutrux pursues zealously to benefit his clients who have suffered injuries from the attacks of dogs. If you or a loved one need assistance in bringing a case for a dog attack, Tyson Mutrux has a stellar record in the pursuit of such cases.

Clients select Tyson Mutrux at The Mutrux Law Firm because he is known for his experience and his superior capability to offer a full and competent range of services. He further establishes a thorough working relationship with his clients, and knows that the relationship between an attorney and his clients counts in the overall resolution of the clients’ cases. The Mutrux Law Firm is a full-service law firm and is also proud to feature a fully trained staff, with full experience in handling criminal defense cases, personal injury cases, as well as cases in many related fields of law.