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St. Louis Personal Injury Attorney

When you’ve been wrongfully injured or when you have lost a loved one due to the negligent acts of another, you need a successful  St. Louis personal injury attorney on your side to help you navigate the complex and difficult legal system.

Personal Injury Attorney

  • Head and Brain Injury — Head and brain injuries range in severity. An injury to the brain can cause permanent damage. Brain injuries can be very subtle and may not be readily apparent. Tyson Mutrux and the Mutrux Law Firm are St. Louis personal injury attorneys that are extremely knowledgeable and successful in handling head and brain injury cases.
  • Slip and Fall — Falls are consistently the #1 leading cause of injuries in the United States. Slip and falls and trip and falls can cause broken limbs, fractured hips and other serious injuries. If the property owner was negligent, we can help. Our St. Louis personal injury attorneys will help you obtain the highest compensation for your slip and fall injuries.
  • Dog Bite Injuries — Dog bite injuries can lead to physical and emotional trauma. Missouri dog bite law allows injured dog bite victims to hold the pet’s owner liable. Contact Tyson Mutrux of the Mutrux Law Firm, an experienced St. Louis personal injury lawyer, at 314-270-2273 or 573-268-7316. We will help you obtain compensation for your St. Louis dog bite injury.
  • Wrongful Death — Losing a loved one is one of the worst things you will probably ever have to face. The grief and emotional pain can be even worse when the death was the result of negligence. If you have lost a family member in a car accident, truck accident or bicycle accident, or because of an unsafe product, contact Tyson Mutrux of the Mutrux Law Firm, an experienced St. Louis personal injury and wrongful death attorney, at 314-270-2273 or 573-268-7316.
  • On-The-Job and Work Accidents — If you have sustained an injury at work or on the job, you are entitled to compensation. The Mutrux Law Firm has nearly 30 years of experience as St. Louis personal injury attorneys representing injured clients and will aggressively pursue your case to ensure that you are fully compensated.
  • Products Liability — Unfortunately, not all designers, manufacturers and sellers of products live up to the standards and requirements of our laws with regard to their products. Tyson Mutrux of the Mutrux Law Firm is a St. Louis Products Liability attorney that focuses a large part of his practice as a St. Louis personal injury attorney, representing individuals who have been seriously injured or killed as the result of defective products. Our mission in pursuing products liability cases is to obtain just compensation for our injured clients and to create an economic incentive for those manufacturing companies to produce safe products and provide sufficient warning of the dangers of their products, ultimately resulting in the saving of lives.

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