St. Charles Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Unfortunately, many nursing homes fail in their obligations to keep their residents safe. Their lack of attention or outright abusive actions can result in serious injuries that can threaten the lives of their patients. When such a horrid act of recklessness is displayed in a nursing home, victims and their family members should pursue legal action against the nursing home for their abuse.

If you or a loved one suffered abuse as a nursing home resident, reach out to a compassionate personal injury attorney for guidance. A St. Charles nursing home abuse lawyer could help injured residents and their families to demand compensation for these injuries.

What are the Legal Obligations of Nursing Homes?

Nursing homes occupy a unique place in St. Charles law. These facilities have all the obligations of medical facilities combined with the duties of apartment complexes. Since many residents are unable to leave the nursing home without help and may require aid to care for the most basic of needs, these facilities must protect not just their health but also provide protection from accidents.

In terms of medical care, nursing homes must provide:

  • Proper application of medication
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Skilled nursing care to prevent bedsores or other infections
  • Proper diagnosis of emergencies and transfer to hospitals

As a patient’s residence, a nursing home must also provide a generally safe environment. This includes protecting people from accidental injuries that result from slips and falls or improper nutrition. Finally, nursing homes must take steps to properly screen and train staff to prevent instances of intentional abuse. A skilled lawyer in St. Charles could provide more information about the legal obligations of nursing homes to prevent injuries.

What Must a Plaintiff Prove to Obtain Compensation Following an Injury in St. Charles?

The simple fact that an injury occurs while in a nursing home does not mean that the nursing home is at fault, as plaintiffs gin these cases generally must prove that a nursing home’s negligence resulted in the loss.

In cases that allege a failure to provide proper nursing care, these claims fall under the umbrella of medical malpractice. As a whole, nursing homes must provide competent care that a practitioner of normal skill would under the circumstances. Something as simple as a botched injection or a failure to quickly diagnose a stroke can have devastating consequences. A nursing home injury attorney could conduct a thorough investigation to determine if an injury was the result of medical malpractice in St. Charles.

Other injuries are the results of accidents. In this type of situation, plaintiffs must evaluate the case through the prism of premises liability. As a resident’s landlord, nursing homes must take all appropriate care to maintain the facility and to quickly address any temporary hazards that may cause injury.

Regardless of the exact nature of the injury, plaintiffs can demand payments for all their losses. These include the cost of any needed medical care, any lost quality of life, and the impact of any permanent injury. According to Missouri Code §516.120, injured residents must act within five years of the injury to demand compensation.

A St. Charles Nursing Home Injury Attorney Could Fight for You

Every nursing home in St. Charles retains a duty to protect its residents. These include the obligations to provide a generally safe environment as well as to provide competent nursing care. A failure on either of these fronts that results in an injury can be the basis for a personal injury claim.

Nursing homes play a vital role in the health of thousands of senior citizens. Unfortunately, through either negligence or outright abuse, many of these seniors suffer unnecessary injuries. These can include both physical injuries that may become permanent and emotional trauma that can affect an already fragile mind.

A St. Charles nursing home abuse lawyer may be able to help pursue claims for compensation following an injury. They can take the necessary steps to investigate the cause of an injury and to hold a negligent nursing home liable for their failure to keep a resident safe. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.