St. Charles Driver Fatigue Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck driver fatigue is a major problem in many places all over the country. Fatigued truck drivers pose a great danger to themselves and particularly, those in smaller vehicles they share the road with. The injuries sustained can be devastating and could greatly impact a person’s quality of life for the rest of their lives. It is for this reason that anyone who has been involved in a trucking accident caused by driver fatigue should speak with a St. Charles driver fatigue truck accident lawyer today.

To begin discussing the details of your case, be sure to reach out to an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Are there Limits Regarding How Long a Shift a Truck Driver Can Work?

Truck drivers and truck companies are required to abide by certain legislation passed by the FMCSA. One of those regulations is that truck drivers can only drive for ten hours within a 15-hour period. These ten hours can only be spent on the road after the truck driver has had eight hours off-duty.

It is also stated that after a truck driver has been on-duty for 15 hours in one day, or after 60 hours in seven days, they must not be allowed to drive. The 15-hour time-period is extended to 16 hours for short haul truck drivers.

Unfortunately, not all truck drivers or truck companies follow these guidelines, and when they do not, a driver fatigue truck accident attorney in St. Charles can help victims hold them accountable for their negligence.

Could Trucking Companies be Held Liable for Negligence?

Truck drivers often have very strict deadlines that must be met. Whether it is the trucking company that set those deadlines or the client that is having a load delivered to them, it places a great deal of pressure on the truck driver. If a deadline is not met, the truck company could potentially lose a client.

It is because of this urgency that drivers and the companies they work for sometimes disregard the guidelines and legislation that has been set out for them. This can be considered an act of negligence because they are showing disregard for the safety of other vehicles and people on the road.

Missing deadlines is not the only reason these guidelines may be ignored. Sometimes a truck driver may just want to get home sooner, or they may be trying to beat bad weather conditions entering a certain area. However, there is no excuse for truck drivers or truck companies to think these rules do not apply to them. When they choose to ignore them, they can be found negligent with the help of a driver fatigue trucking accident attorney in St. Charles.

St. Charles Statute of Limitations for Trucking/18-Wheeler Wrecks

In St. Charles, all accident cases have a statute of limitations of five years. That means that individuals injured in a truck accident due to a fatigued driver have five years to file their claim. When a wrongful death has occurred, that statute is reduced to just three years. Victims looking to file a claim for truck accident damages should speak with an attorney right away so that their claim would be filed well before the deadline.

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Suffering injuries from a truck accident could prove to be devastating to one’s life. Not only would a victim have to deal with intense medical treatment, but if they wish to obtain compensation for their injuries, they would have to exhaust a lot of time and effort to obtain a favorable outcome. However, with the help of a St. Charles driver fatigue truck accident lawyer, victims can focus on their medical treatment while their legal issues can be taken care of. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.