St. Louis County Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses operate differently from every other type of vehicle on the road. While their large size and great weight make them hard to stop like a truck, they carry passengers rather than freight. This increases the likelihood of someone suffering an injury in a bus accident.

If you or a loved one were harmed in a bus collision, you may not be certain who is at fault or whether you qualify for compensation to cover your medical bills and other expenses. However, a St. Louis County bus accident lawyer may be able to help. A seasoned injury attorney familiar with the complexities of bus accident cases could evaluate the circumstances of your claim and explain your options for recovery.

Parties Who May Bear Responsibility for a Bus Accident

Bus accidents may be caused by numerous different factors. In some cases, businesses or a group of negligent individuals may be to blame. Examples of parties who could be held liable in a bus accident claim include:

  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Bus drivers
  • Drivers of other vehicles on the road who may have been careless or driving while impaired
  • Poorly maintained roads
  • Bus companies

A bus collision lawyer in St. Louis County could investigate the cause of the crash and the parties who may be held legally liable. It is wise to begin the investigation as soon as possible because the availability of evidence may deteriorate rapidly with time.

What Damages Could a Person Recover in a Bus Accident Claim?

It is not uncommon for victims to miss time from work in order to focus on healing from their injuries. However, missed time from work could mean a loss in wages earned. Fortunately, compensation may be available to make up for lost wages in the past and those anticipated in the future as a result of an accident.

A damage award would usually cover medical bills and future medical treatment, such as physical therapy. If modifications are needed to be done to the home to accommodate an injury or if help is needed around the house, damages may be provided for those costs as well.

How Could Someone Calculate Damages?

A St. Louis County bus crash lawyer could calculate the value of these losses as well as intangible harm suffered to come up with an appropriate damage award. This amount could be used to evaluate the fairness of any settlement offers received. Intangible factors for which an injured person may receive compensation for include emotional distress, pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of cherished activities. In rare cases, punitive damages may also be available.

Consult an Experienced St. Louis County Bus Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a bus accident, it may be wise to avoid delay in seeking legal advice that could help you avoid costly mistakes. There are many ways victims could inadvertently jeopardize their right to recovery, such as admitting fault or waiting too long to file a claim.

In order to avoid making any crucial mistakes, get in touch with a St. Louis County bus accident lawyer today. An experienced attorney may be able to inform you or your eligibility to receive compensation and how to protect your claim moving forward.