Biggest Mistakes to Avoid After a St. Louis County Car Accident

Filing a damage claim following a car accident is the first step towards obtaining compensation. However, just as a case begins with the plaintiff taking action, the case could easily end due to a plaintiff’s honest mistake.

Take the time to learn more about the biggest mistakes to avoid after a car accident in St. Louis County. Doing so could make it difficult for the defense to reduce your potential compensation award or have your case dismissed altogether. To get started, be sure to reach out to a skilled vehicle collision lawyer today.

Disadvantages of Admitting Fault Following an Auto Accident

Victims should never admit fault or apologize following an accident. This is because the cause of the crash is not always yet known. Although they may believe they were at fault for the crash, they may be incorrect. This is a very common fact scenario both for at-fault drivers and drivers that are not at fault.

Admitting fault can make it impossible for victims to recover for damages since this admission can be used against the plaintiff as evidence.

Refusing Medical Treatment in St. Louis County

A common mistake seen across various cases is victims refusing medical treatment following an accident. Some victims may believe that they suffered little to no harm and do not want to waste a medical professional’s time. However, it is important to keep in mind that because of the adrenaline and other distractions taking place at the scene of the accident, they may not feel their injuries or understand the full extent of them. At a bare minimum, they should be seen by a doctor just to be checked out.

Refusing to get medical care at the scene of a crash or in the hours after the crash can be used against them by the insurance company or the at-fault party to show that they were not injured in the crash. Although this may not be true, it can still be used against them.

Failing to Abide by a Doctor’s Orders

Following a doctor’s orders for treatment is imperative. This is because the at-fault party or the insurance company will claim that the victim suffered little to no injury since they do not feel the need to follow through with their medical treatment. Victims must make sure that they go to all of their appointments, and if they have to miss, make sure to call their doctor so that they can put a note in the file as to why they were not able to go to their appointment.

Danger of Providing Statements Without an Attorney Present

Victims should never give the other driver’s insurance company a recorded statement. This is because recorded statements primarily benefit the insurance company and can be used as evidence to reduce the amount of compensation owed or try to trick the plaintiff into saying something that would cast doubt onto the case.

Reach Out to a Legal Advocate Today

Although the law makes it possible for victims of car accidents to obtain compensation for their injuries, they could still commit a crucial error that could potentially decrease the amount of compensation owed or have a case dismissed.

To learn more about the common and biggest mistakes to avoid in St Louis County car accident cases, be sure to speak with an attorney before taking legal option.