Common Causes of Car Accidents in St. Louis County

There are a variety of causes of car accidents in St. Louis County. The most common reason for a car crash is the inattentiveness of the other driver. Examples of distracted behavior can include running stop signs, ignoring stoplights or simply crossing the centerline with the increased usage of cell phones. Other types of causes of car crashes can include inclement weather, which can lead to slippery roadways and difficulty stopping.

If you have suffered in this type of accident, you should work with a St. Louis County attorney for help with proving liability against the at-fault party. Doing so could result in a compensation claim for damages sustained as a result of the collision.

Collisions Caused by Drunk Drivers

If a car accident in St. Louis County involves a drunk driver, this can change the complexity of the case completely. This is because the defendant is typically charged with a crime which prevents an attorney’s access to that driver tremendously.

The benefits of having a drunk driver involved in a crash is that police officers would probably have arrived on the scene and filed a police report regarding the details of the accident and the inebriated state of the at-fault driver. As a result, the plaintiff may be able to collect a lot of information they not have not been able to get.

High-Speed Accidents in St Louis County

When a car crash occurs at a high rate of speed, the injuries can be far more severe. From a legal standpoint, an attorney could also pursue punitive damages which can lead to higher and faster settlements for the victim. However, this may depend on whether the defendant is charged with a crime or speeding violation and whether it is possible to prove the other driver was speeding at the time of the crash. This would typically require hiring an accident reconstructionist to investigate what the moments leading up to the crash. This could significantly increase the cost of the case.

Driving at Night

When a crash occurs at night, it can be far more difficult to obtain evidence from the roadway. This is because the investigation is typically delayed by hours at a minimum due to the difficulty that would come with taking photographs and videos of the roadway. It would also be important to obtain skid marks, yaw marks and other photographs of the scene to determine the vehicle’s speed.

Consult an Attorney about the Common Causes of Car Accidents in St. Louis County

Suffering an accident through no fault of your own is worth reaching out to an experienced attorney for more information regarding your legal options. A St. Louis County lawyer could review the details of your crash to determine whether shared liability exists and how much compensation you are owed. In addition, if the at-fault party portrayed egregious behavior worthy of a criminal charge, a lawyer could pursue punitive damages against the negligent individual.

The first step towards obtaining a favorable outcome to your claim is scheduling a consultation. Reach out to a trusted attorney today to get started.