St. Louis County Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

A front-end or head-on collision can be one of the deadliest of all motor vehicle accidents. The consequences for drivers and passengers can be severe, ranging from traumatic brain injuries to spinal cords injuries causing paralysis, among other injuries. After a severe car crash, you may be struggling to recover from catastrophic injuries amid steadily increasing medical bills and a lack of income due to your inability to work. When this situation is combined with an insurance company that is reluctant to pay your claim, the situation may feel desperate.

To protect your rights to compensation, retaining the services of a trusted car wreck attorney may be what you need most. A St. Louis County front-end car accident lawyer could review the details of your accident and potentially hold the negligent party accountable for their irresponsibility.

Causes of Front-End Collisions in St. Louis County

Front-end crashes occur when the front ends of two vehicles, often traveling at a higher rate of speed, collide. These accidents tend to be fatal more frequently than other types of accidents, especially when they involve one vehicle that is larger and heavier than the other. Some of the most common causes of front-end collisions include the following:

  • Improperly passing on a two-lane road;
  • Drifting across the center line on a two-lane highway due to distraction, impairment, or other reasons;
  • Swerving to avoid animals or other obstructions in the roadway;
  • Failing to properly negotiate a curve or overcorrecting to the point that the vehicle moves into a lane with oncoming traffic.

Impairment by drugs or alcohol, extreme fatigue, snow and ice, and turning the wrong way down a one-way road also can easily lead to head-on collisions in which individuals are injured or killed. While damages rarely fully compensate injured parties for these losses, they can assist with medical bills and relieve some financial pressures during recovery from severe injuries. With the help of a front-end car accident lawyer in St. Louis County, individuals may be able to get compensation to help with their injuries and hold others accountable for their negligent or reckless behaviors.

Injuries and Damages in Front-End Car Accident Claims

The injuries that may result from a head-on collision can differ according to the speed of the vehicles, the relative size of the cars, and the safety features available to the occupants in each car. In some cases, drivers and passengers may walk away with only minor injuries, but in other cases, the resulting injuries can be devastating and even fatal. Some injuries that may stem from front-end crashes include:

The amount of damages in a personal injury claim that arises from a front-end car accident can range based on the extent of the injuries involved. Accidents resulting in permanent disabilities may result in higher damages awards than those that result in temporary, albeit severe injuries. The effects of the injuries on the ability of the victims to return to work also is a substantial factor in determining the appropriate amount of money in a personal injury claim.

Some of the available damages that individuals might seek through a personal injury claim include money for medical expenses, such as hospitalization and rehabilitation costs, expenses for medical assistive devices and permanent alterations to the homes and vehicles of injury victims, lost wages and earning capacity, and pain and suffering. When the negligence of others has led to catastrophic injuries in an accident, injury victims may need to talk to a St. Louis County front-end car accident lawyer.

A St. Louis County Front-End Car Accident Attorney Could Help

Whether your injuries stem from a front-end collision caused by a distracted, impaired, or reckless driver, you may have a viable personal injury claim against that driver under state law. Holding others responsible for their wrongful behaviors can be an essential step in the recovery process in the aftermath of a severe accident. If you are in a similar situation, a St. Louis County front-end car accident lawyer could help.

Working with legal counsel may enable you to focus your energy on physical and mental health while still ensuring the protection of your legal rights. Legal representation can be the difference between struggling to prove your case and getting a fair settlement as compensation for your injuries. Reach out today to learn more about your options.