How an Attorney Could Help an Auto Injury Case in St. Louis County 

When trying to recover damages following an auto accident, claimants should make it a priority to contact an attorney after they undergo a medical examination. A lawyer with experience in dealing with auto injury cases could help victims collect evidence, review settlement options, and take a case to trial if necessary.

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Steps an Attorney Takes to Recover Damages

There are a variety of steps that an attorney takes when attempting to recover damages after a car accident. These steps are not always in the same order, but they are typically the same for every case. One of the first things that a lawyer would do is to investigate their case. This includes going to the scene and taking photographs and video of the roadway. They may also hire an investigator to interview any possible witnesses of the crash to make sure that liability is secured.

In addition to investigating the case, they would also help guide their medical care. This means getting them to the best doctors to treat them for their injuries. Once they have completed treatment, they would gather all their medical records and bills and submit a demand package to the insurance company.

Once a demand is sent, this begins the negotiation phase of their case. Using tried and true techniques, a lawyer would negotiate a fair settlement and negotiate their medical bills in order to maximize a compensation award. An attorney would also, if necessary, file a lawsuit on the injured party’s behalf and take their case to trial to help them get the most money possible for their case.

Options Available for a Settlement

There are several options available for a car accident settlement in St. Louis County. The most common way settlements are handled in St. Louis is through a lump sum. Out of this lump sum, all medical bills, expenses, and lawyer fees are paid. The victim would receive the remaining portion. They could also set up an annuity, which means the funds would go into an interest-bearing account and they would receive payments on whatever schedule they choose.

For example, many people set up annuities for their children in which the money would grow with interest until they achieve a certain age, such as 18, 25, or some other age determined by the parents and approved by the court. This is beneficial if they want to save this money for some long-term purpose, such as college, retirement, et cetera.

Specific Information to Have in Hand During an Initial Consultation

Specific information someone should take with them when going to an initial consultation with a St. Louis County car accident lawyer includes any discharge paperwork, and photographs of the scene, their vehicle, and their injuries. Claimants should also bring any accident referral cards or other witness information that they might have, so the lawyer could investigate the case.

Another significant thing that is overlooked is insurance information. They should bring with them all insurance declarations pages in order to help an attorney find all available funds to reimburse them for their injuries.

Begin Discussing Your Case Today

Although you have five years from the date of the accident to file an injury claim, you should still make sure to retain legal assistance as soon as possible. Evidence is most valuable in the moments following a crash, and choosing to delay your claim could make it difficult to obtain compensation.

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