St Louis County Major Roadway Accident Lawyer

Major roadway accidents tend to be different from crashes that occur on common streets. Specific to St. Louis County, interstate accidents tend to take place on Interstate-70. Due to the high volume of bumper-to-bumper traffic, drivers could wind up being involved in an accident that may result in extensive property damage.

If you or a loved one were involved in such an accident and wish to recoup lost damages, be sure to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney. With a St Louis County major roadway accident lawyer at your side, you may be able to hold the at-fault party responsible for your injuries.

First Steps to Take Following a Major Roadway Accident

When someone is involved in an interstate accident, the first thing a person should do is pull over to the side of the road. Once they have gotten to safety, the next thing they should do is call 911 and wait for police. Law enforcement on the scene could get insurance information from all parties and interview any witnesses to the crash. This information would be recorded in a police report. Victims should try to obtain the police report and use it as evidence to back up their claim for compensation.

Victims should also allow a medical examiner to check for injuries. By doing so, victims would also be creating a legal record of their injuries which could be presented as evidence in an injury claim.

Common Fact Trends in St Louis County

There are two types of accidents which frequently occur on major roadways in St. Louis County. The first and less severe accident is a side-impact crash. Theses types of accidents tend to happen at high speeds, but do not typically lead to serious crashes unless a vehicle spins of rolls. The second type of accident prevalent to St. Louis County major roadways and interstates is rear-end accidents. This type of accident tends to be much more serious due to high speeds and stop-and-go traffic.

Accidents on major roadways are often the most difficult for law enforcement to respond to. Since major roadways, especially I-70, are often busy with traffic, police units and emergency vehicles tend to arrive at accident scenes later than usual.

Role of Speed of Traffic

The speed of traffic could impact an accident in several ways. First, the speed of traffic would make it difficult for someone to pull over to the side of the road. If the shoulders are occupied, victims could find it almost impossible to pull over to the side. Second, with fewer instructional signs and basic laws to follow, speeding contributes to these accidents differently than it does for common roadway accidents. Drivers may have only a split second to respond to a driver’s recklessness at high speeds. As a result, the impact tends to be more severe and victims are known to undergo long-term medical care.

With fewer instructional signs and basic laws to follow, speeding contributes to these accidents differently than it does to street accidents. Speeding tends to contribute more to car crashes more often on interstates than on side streets for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is that there are fewer instructional signs on interstates. Another reason is that the reaction times are much lower when it comes to these car crashes. If they are not paying attention to the interstate, they have just a split second to respond. With the advent of cell phones, this has caused even more crashes, because people are paying less attention while on the roadway.

Contact a St. Louis County Major Roadway Accident Attorney

Due to high speeds, major roadway collisions could prove to be extremely serious. Not only are drivers at risk of sustaining significant injury, but they could also suffer extensive property damage. Fortunately, a St Louis County major roadway accident lawyer is ready to stand by your side to get you the compensation you deserve. To get started on a case, or for more information regarding the claims process, be sure to schedule a consultation today.