St. Louis County Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

Parking lots tend to be busy places, filled with congestion, traffic, and drivers looking for available parking spaces. Inevitably, collisions occur that sometimes cause severe injuries to other drivers and occupants of vehicles.

The rules for drivers in parking lots are not always clear, which can lead to disputes about who is responsible for damages when a parking lot crash occurs. Since these cases can be complicated and depend on the facts that led to the accident, it may be necessary to enlist the services of a St. Louis County parking lot accident lawyer to sort out these matters. For more information regarding your eligibility for financial recovery, be sure to get in touch with a knowledgeable car wreck attorney today.

Examples of Parking Lot Crashes

Although parking lots have clear lines for parking spaces and directions, drivers do not always follow them. Backing out of parking spaces also is a common source of accidents, as drivers may have reduced sightlines and misjudge the distance between them and oncoming vehicles. In this situation, unless the oncoming vehicle was traveling recklessly or at a high rate of speed, the driver of the car backing out is likely to be at fault.

Another common parking lot accident may occur when a motorist in a parking lane stops suddenly, perhaps to wait for an oncoming vehicle or another vehicle backing out of a parking place. The sudden stop may cause the car behind the driver to rear-end the first driver. In rear-end collisions, drivers must maintain a safe distance between their vehicles and the vehicles in front of them. As a result, drivers who rear-end a car in front of them likely are at fault for the accident.

Another type of parking lot accident may occur when a driver suddenly turns in front of an oncoming vehicle, usually to pull into a parking space. The oncoming vehicle has the right-of-way, even in a parking lot. Other drivers should wait until the approaching vehicle passes before making a turn. In this case, like a St. Louis County parking lot accident lawyer may advise, the turning drivers would bear fault for the accident.

Obtainable Compensation Awards in St. Louis County

Many injuries and even deaths do occur each year as a result of motor vehicle accidents that occur in parking lots and parking garages. Increases in distracted driving, primarily due to cell phone usage, also have caused a rise in accidents in general, as well as in parking lots.

The injuries that result from parking lot accidents can be severe and catastrophic in some cases. Individuals may be unable to work for some time, or even permanently. Broken bones, whiplash, traumatic brain injuries, and even spinal cord injuries can result, depending on the seriousness of the collision.

If negligence led to the collision, injured parties might be able to pursue the at-fault driver for damages related to their injuries. Potential damages in a parking lot accident may include:

  • Medical expenses to treat bodily injuries;
  • Lost wages due to an inability to work;
  • Property damage to vehicles.
  • Emotional trauma resulting from the accident.

With the help of a parking lot accident lawyer in St. Louis County, injury victims may be able to recover the money that they need in this situation. This much-needed compensation can allow them to recover from their injuries while relieving some financial concerns.

Talk to a St. Louis County Parking Lot Accident Attorney

Drivers could eliminate many preventable parking lot accidents by programming their GPS and using their phone before driving, and by using back-up cameras and vigilance to look out for oncoming vehicles before backing out of parking spaces. Nonetheless, parking lot accidents continue to occur, which can cause devastating injuries to some drivers and passengers of motor vehicles involved in those accidents.

The aftermath of a parking lot collision can be severe, even if vehicles are traveling at relatively slow speeds, and can result in substantial property damage and injuries. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries as a result of a collision, a St. Louis County parking lot accident lawyer may be able to give you advice about your options for legal recourse. Call today to get started.