Recoverable Damages in a St Louis County Auto Collision Case

Being involved in an accident is a troublesome experience most drivers will experience at some point in their life. However, in cases where the opposing driver caused the accident due to their careless regard for your safety, you may be able to hold them liable for the damages you sustained as a result.

For help with understanding recoverable damages in a St. Louis County auto collision case, reach out to a skilled vehicle collision attorney. Our lawyers could inform you of your eligibility to receive compensation, help you collect evidence to strengthen your claim, and review any settlement offers made by the defense. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.

What are Economic and Non-Economic Damages?

As defined by St. Louis County law, economic damages are damages that are considered quantifiable. Examples of the types of damages commonly obtained in a personal injury claim includes medical bills and damage done to a vehicle.

Meanwhile, non-economic damages refer to losses that could not be easily calculated. As opposed to things like medical bills, which have a defined number, non-economic damages include things such as pain and suffering. This is a number that must be determined by a jury and could not be easily defined by a lawyer or insurance company.

Damages Caps

A damage cap is a cap on the amount of money a person could receive for an injury case. In St. Louis County, there are no caps on car accident cases. This is because the Missouri Constitution prohibits any such caps.

When Would a Victim Receive Punitive Damages?

Punitive damages are awarded in order to punish the negligent party. However, something that is not relatively known by most people is that if they are able to secure punitive damages against the defendant, 50 percent of all damages would go to the state of Missouri.

Circumstances that could lead to someone receiving punitive damages in a car accident case include the other driver being drunk or under the influence during the crash, which is the most common reason. The other reason might be that they were driving at a high rate of speed while on their cell phone at the time of the crash. Regardless, the basis for the punitive damages must be some violation of the law before punitive damages could be sought.

Call an Attorney about Recoverable Damages in a St. Louis County Auto Accident Case

An attorney plays a variety of roles in helping with recoverable damages in a St. Louis County auto collision case. Our team members could help you submit your claim, investigate the cause of the accident, interview witnesses, and take photographs of the scene. In addition, an attorney could help you calculate the damages owed to you in order to gain an accurate perspective of what you should receive in a settlement offer.

For more information regarding how a lawyer could help you obtain damages, or to find out if you are eligible to obtain compensation following an accident, schedule a consultation today.