St. Louis County Rollover Accident Lawyer

Rollover crashes are some of the most severe accidents a person could be a part of. Not only are victims at risk of suffering injuries that could prove to be fatal, they may miss time from to focus on healing from their damages. In some cases, medical treatment could last for several months and even years, potentially limiting a victim’s wages.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries from a rollover crash, be sure to reach out to a knowledgeable vehicle collision lawyer. A St. Louis County rollover accident lawyer could walk you through the claims process and inform you or your eligibility to receive compensation.

Common Fact Patterns Regarding St Louis County Rollover Accidents

Rollover car crashes occur frequently in St Louis County. There are several ways in which these types of accident could occur. For example, rollover accidents typically involve vehicles moving at high speeds. If the unsuspecting driver is tapped on its side, the driver could overcorrect their vehicle, causing the car to flip due to momentum. Other causes involve drivers failing to yield at an intersection. Although these collisions occur at relatively lower speeds, vehicles may still be at risk of flipping over if they are hit hard enough.

Unique Aspects of Rollover Accidents

One of the more common things seen in rollover accidents is the extent of the damages. Victims are known to suffer excruciating injuries which could take the22m weeks, months, and even years to recover from. In addition, it is more than likely that the victim’s vehicle is totaled as a result from the accident or sustain significant property damage. In the end, the victim will not only have to worry about their medical costs, but they would also have to figure out how much they would have to suspend to fix the property damage.

Documenting Evidence Following an Accident

A person should document a rollover accident like any other type of car crash. They should get statements from witnesses, collect photos and videos, and make sure they obtain a copy of the police report. It is also crucial that they document their medical treatment so their attorney can collect all the necessary medical records and billing statements. With the help of a rollover accident lawyer in St. Louis, a victim could gather all evidence necessary for filing a successful injury claim.

Preventing a Rollover Accident

While rollover accidents can sometimes be unpredictable, there are some steps an individual can take to help prevent them. The first is driving safely for the weather conditions. If there is ice or snow on the ground, then they should drive slower. Drivers should also maintain a safe speed at all times and not exceed the speed limit. Also, when on the interstate, drivers should avoid larger vehicles and avoid driving in a tractor trailer’s blind spot.

Sometimes, a rollover accident is unpreventable. This is typically because one driver does not see it coming. The impact tends to be from the side or in the driver’s blind spot. Vehicle malfunctions can also cause rollover crashes. An example of that is when a tire or wheel comes off a vehicle, causing the vehicle to overturn.

Contact a St. Louis County Rollover Accident Attorney

A St. Louis County rollover accident lawyer can do a variety of things for a victim to increase the value of the case. One of the first things the attorney will do is get in touch with the insurance company so they will stop harassing them. The attorney could also hire an investigator to visit the scene to gather information from the roadway and will also interview witnesses that saw or were involved in the crash.

To learn more about what an attorney could do for you, be sure to schedule a consultation today.