St. Louis County Internet Crimes Lawyer

Crimes involving the use of computers and the Internet have created a new and constantly evolving area of the law that deals specifically with these issues.  The law in this area remains unsettled, which has led to situations where defendants accused of cyber crimes have been left unprotected when not represented by an experienced internet crimes attorney.

At The Mutrux Law Firm, we work hard to keep ourselves educated and updated on recent developments in the law so that we are able to readily provide quality representation to our clients when they come to us seeking help.  As a firm, our practice extends to clients throughout Missouri and Illinois who are facing state and federal charges such as:

  • Internet fraud
  • Computer vandalism
  • Identity theft
  • Theft of proprietary information
  • Online solicitation / solicitation of minors
  • Possession or distribution of child pornography
  • Internet Pornography
  • Computer Crimes against a Child
  • Internet Sex Crimes
  • Computer Hacking
  • Stalking (Cyberstalking)

Internet Fraud Law 

Internet fraud law is a relatively new field with few standards and precedents upon which to build your case.  Further complicating your case, victims of computer crimes often report web-related offenses to different agencies.  This results in several Internet fraud charges, from several agencies.  You may be charged with one Internet fraud crime (Identity Theft) or a number of fraudulent cyber crimes, all based on your unlawful actions on the Web that led to your arrest.

Unlike crimes committed in person, many computer users can view your online activities.  This includes the authorities.  When an Internet fraud is committed, it can be easily traced back to you through forensic science and electronic discovery.  It is important that you contact an experienced Internet Crime Attorney that deals with Missouri and Illinois criminal defense and Web crimes.

Penalties for Conviction and Internet Crime Defense

Penalties for a conviction on charges of online fraud, solicitation, or other Internet-related crime can be substantial.  The penalties can include serious fines, jail time, and the loss of certain civil liberties. Because of this, it is essential to have guidance from an attorney who is experienced in internet crimes at your side.

Specific items that need to be addressed in any case involving Internet crime include establishing whether there is an actual victim and whether the alleged crime is the actual crime committed. Tyson Mutrux of The Mutrux Law Firm uses his experience in combination with the skills of computer experts and forensic scientists to establish answers to these very important questions.  Through extensive investigation and information gathering, we can seek a reduction or dismissal of the charges against you whenever possible.

Internet Crime Attorney
As an experienced St. Louis criminal defense attorney, Tyson Mutrux and The Mutrux Law Firm understands allegations and convictions of an internet crime and how they can affect the rest of your life.  There are several advantages to contacting us early in the process, including:

  • Early preparation and investigation of all the facts of your case
  • Early identification and interviewing of witnesses
  • Statements from victim(s) by way of our investigator
  • Preparation of a vigorous defense including contacting the prosecutor’s office prior to the formal filing of the criminal case
  • Eliminating bail requirements and preparing motions for Recognizance Bonds
  • Preparing letters of reference, character, or support
  • Preparing all formal motions for dismissal of the case
  • Having an evaluation report by a psychologist to show that counseling may be a better alternative to jail
  • Investigating and exploring alternatives to jail such as house arrest or electronic monitoring

Criminal Defense Attorney Tyson Mutrux of The Mutrux Law Firm is available 24-7 to assist you.  Please contact the firm immediately to discuss the facts of your case only if you are being accused of a computer crime or identity theft in the Missouri or Illinois areas.

Contacting Our Firm

If you have been arrested and charged with a computer-related crime—call or contact an Internet crime defense lawyer at (314) 270-2273 and schedule an initial consultation to discuss your case.