Protection from Injury Following a Motorcycle Recall in St. Louis County

Although some riders may not be aware of existing defects or recalls on their motorcycle, in St. Louis County, there are some things a person can do to legally protect themselves when in a motorcycle accident. The first thing they can do is make sure they are fully insured and have coverages such as medical payments, insurance, and underinsured motorist coverage. This will protect them when they are in a crash and the other driver is underinsured.

Other ways riders can protect themselves is by taking photographs of their motorcycle after a crash, to document the defects in their motorcycle. Finally, they should take their motorcycle to a professional to have it evaluated to show that a defect did in fact exist at the time of their crash.

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What is Imminent Danger?

In St. Louis County, imminent danger is defined by any condition or practice that would involve the existence of a hazard that could reasonably or be expected to cause death or serious physical harm, either immediately or before the danger can be eliminated. Manufactures and designers in St. Louis may be accused of placing consumers in imminent danger if they knew or should have known that their products contained defects. If they knew their motorcycles were defective but failed to protect riders from injury by notifying them and issuing a recall, they may be held liable for damages in St. Louis County.

Duties of Designers and Manufacturers When Producing and Selling Motorcycles

Designers and manufacturers of motorcycles have a variety of responsibilities when producing and selling motorcycles. From a very basic perspective, they have the duty to make sure that the motorcycle a person is riding is safe from a design and mechanical perspective. If the design or if a designer or manufacturer tend to make the average motorcycle more dangerous to ride, then they can be liable for creating an increased risk for the rider.

When Would a Victim Obtain Compensation from a Defective Motorcycle in St. Louis County?

In St. Louis County, a person may be able to receive compensation when there is a defect in the motorcycle. When the manufacturer or designer of the motorcycle knew of the defect and did not do anything to notify the public.

This is a key component of any product liability case. The manufacturer must have knowledge of the defect and the ability to notify the public. It is also important to note that if the rider has knowledge of the defect and continues to ride the motorcycle, then their damages could be reduced by their percentage of fault.

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When a consumer purchases a motorcycle, they trust that the people in charge of selling and manufacturing the bike are doing so in the best interests of the rider. However, mistakes can happen and manufacturers are responsible to take the steps necessary for offering protection from injury following a motorcycle recall in St. Louis County. Sadly, not all companies live up to this responsibility, and when they do not, they should be held liable for damages sustained as a result. For more insight regarding the recovery of compensation, schedule a consultation today.