St. Louis County Bedsores Lawyer

Bedsores are one of the most common signs of neglect in a St. Louis County nursing home. This condition, also known as pressure ulcers, involves a wound to the skin and underlying tissue. Bedsores are common in areas of the body where skin covers bone, including ankles, hips, and the tailbone.

Bedsores develop when a patient lays in the same position for too long. Simply moving or rotating a patient so that the pressure is on another part of the body is enough to prevent these wounds. As a result, immobile or unconscious patients are at the greatest risk.

With proper care, bedsores are entirely avoidable. However, when uncaring or overworked staff fail to move or rotate an immobile patient, bedsores could develop quickly. If your loved one has suffered bedsores, a discussion with a seasoned injury attorney could inform you of their legal rights. A St. Louis County bedsores lawyer could help your loved one recover monetary damages for the injuries they sustained.

What Are the Stages of Bedsore Wounds?

Bedsores occur when pressure prevents the free flow of blood through the skin. When this pressure blocks oxygen from the affected area, sores can quickly form. These legions can occur in a matter of hours, quickly growing in severity. In fact, there are four stages of bedsores, with Stage 1 being the least severe and Stage 4 being the most severe.

Stage 1

A Stage 1 bedsore is the mildest form of pressure wound. These typically affect only the outermost layer of skin. These injuries can cause spots of pain, itching, or burning.

Stage 2

When a bedsore reaches beyond the external layer of skin, it is classified as Stage 2. At this point, the bedsore results in an open wound or blister. Stage 2 bedsores are notably painful.

Stage 3

A bedsore reaches Stage three when goes through all of the skin layers and into the layer of fat below. The wounds can be large and have visible signs of infection, including redness and swelling.

Stage 4

The most dramatic stage of bedsores, Stage 4 wounds are gaping, often reaching to the muscles and ligaments below the site of the wound. In the worst-case scenario, muscle or bone could be visible.

Who Are the Defendants in a Bedsores Lawsuit?

Before ever filing a suit, a St. Louis County bedsores lawyer must first identify the person or entity responsible. There are a number of ways bedsores can occur, with different parties responsible in each instance.

The nurse or employee directly responsible for a patient’s care is often the target of a bedsores injury suit. These employees could have knowingly neglected the patient or simply forgot. Whenever a caretaker fails to rotate a patient, they risk causing bedsores.

The most common defendant in a bedsores lawsuit is the facility. The owners and managers of the nursing facility are responsible for setting the guidelines for care and are responsible for the negligence of their employees in many cases. The nursing home could also be a party to the lawsuit if they were negligent in hiring or training their staff.

Speak to a St. Louis County Bedsores Attorney As Soon As Possible

The path to recovering compensation for your loved one’s bedsores could begin with a consultation with a skilled attorney. By filing a lawsuit, you could hold the facility accountable for its poor care and recover damages your loved one deserves.

A St. Louis County bedsores lawyer could review your case thoroughly before moving forward with litigation. To start the process, reach out to schedule your free consultation today.