St. Louis County Dropped Patient Lawyer

Accidental injuries are a serious threat to nursing home residents. While falls are a constant risk, the injuries resulting from a nursing home employee dropping a patient is even more severe. These injuries can occur during bathing or even when the employee is assisting a resident out of bed. The greater the fall, the more likely the patient will suffer serious injuries.

A nursing home patient injured after being dropped has the right to seek compensation for their wounds with the help of an experienced attorney. A St. Louis County dropped patient lawyer could assist a resident from the beginning of the litigation process to the end.

Why is Dropping a Patient a Major Risk in Nursing Homes?

Mobility is a challenge for many nursing home residents. While they value their independence, may residents require help with even the most basic daily tasks. It is the responsibility of the nursing home and its employees to assist their residents with these tasks as needed. In many cases, residents will require help moving in or out of beds, wheelchairs, or baths. The injuries can be severe when an employee drops a resident while attempting to move them.

Falls are a well-known threat to nursing home residents. Seniors often have brittle or weak bones, which greatly increase the odds of a break. Given that some patients are dropped from notable heights, these accidents can have even more severe consequences compared to a fall.

A drop could result in a variety of injuries, including:

  • Broken bones
  • Concussions
  • Neck injuries
  • Bruising
  • Joint damage

These injuries could require emergency medical treatment or long-term physical therapy. A St Louis County dropped patients attorney could help an injury victim recover the cost of this treatment from the responsible person.

What are the Potential Damages in a Dropped Patient Lawsuit?

The cost of a dropped patient’s recovery can be significant. When working with a St Louis County attorney, some of the damages available in a dropped patient lawsuit include:

Medical Bills

A plaintiff in a dropped patient lawsuit could seek damages for their medical bills following their injury. Due to the nature of these injuries to a senior, the time and cost of recovery can be extensive.

Physical Therapy

After their initial medical treatment, injury victims often require extensive physical therapy in order to regain their previous quality of life. In the event of a severe injury, several months of therapy might be necessary.

Pain and Suffering

A resident injured in a drop could also seek compensation for their physical pain. The pain that follows severe breaks or head injuries could last for the rest of their lives in some cases. A St Louis County dropped patient lawyer could help a victim obtain damages based on their suffering.

Call a St. Louis County Dropped Patient Attorney

One common form of nursing home accidental injury results from staff dropping a resident. In some cases, these drops are due carelessness or recklessness. In other situations, a lack of properly trained staff is responsible.

No matter the cause of a drop, an injured resident has the right to pursue damages following their accident. A St. Louis County dropped patient lawyer could help your loved one get the compensation they deserve.