Calculating a Truck Accident Settlement in St. Louis County

When a victim is presented with a settlement offer after suffering injuries caused by a truck accident, they may feel relieved about the fact that they may not have to exhaust their time and energy in taking a case to court. Although accepting a settlement offer is easier than taking a case to court, victims should make sure that the offer rightfully includes all damages incurred by the victim. Failing to do so could cost the victim thousands of dollars in just compensation.

For help with calculating a truck accident settlement in St. Louis County, be sure to schedule a consultation today. An attorney could inform you of what you are owed and compare that to the settlement offered by the at-fault party.

Role of a Jury in the Calculation of Truck Accident Damages

When an injury claim is taken to trial in St. Louis County, the jury plays an important role in the way a settlement is calculated. The jury is responsible for determining how much compensation would be owed to the plaintiff should the plaintiff successfully prove negligence on part of the defense. However, the jury has no say in a settlement offer.

Settlements are offered by the defense once the claims process has begun. They may take into account how much the plaintiff believes they are owed and incorporate that into their offer. Unfortunately, some parties will try to offer the victim a substantially lower amount than anticipated. With this in mind, victims should try to make sure they have an accurate estimate of the damages they are owed in order to avoid accepting a low offer.

What Factors are Examined When Calculating a Settlement?

There are several factors to consider when calculating a person’s damages. These factors include a victim’s medical bills, medical treatment, their diagnosis and prognosis, and how their life has changed as a result of their accident.

How Does Shared Liability Impact a St. Louis County Settlement?

The calculation of truck accident damages is only one way a settlement is determined. Another factor taken into account is the percent of liability on the injured party. When a case is taken to trial, the jury may decide to reduce the total amount of damages by the percentage for which the victim is at-fault for. When the defense calculates a settlement offer, they would also do the same. For example, if a case is worth $100,000 and the injured party is 20 percent at fault, then the settlement would be reduced by $20,000, leaving only $80,000 to the injured party. Although this is not typically something taken into consideration prior to a jury seeing the case, it is sometimes used when the defendant has valid evidence that the injured party is partially at fault for their injuries.

Benefits of Hiring an Attorney

There are many benefits that comes with retaining a St. Louis County when presented with a settlement offer. For example, a truck accident attorney could assist you with calculating damages in order to give you an estimate as to how much you are owed in an injury claim. By knowing this amount and understanding the factors taken into account, you will be more aware if a settlement is worthy of acceptance.

If you have been presented with a settlement and are unsure of what to do next, speak with an attorney. Even if you think the amount is close to what you are owed, a lawyer could give you a professional second opinion on the settlement. Schedule a consultation to learn more.