St. Louis County Side-Impact Truck Collision Lawyer

In St. Louis County, a side-impact collision is considered a collision where the front of one vehicle makes contact with the front of another vehicle. Another way of describing this type of side-impact collision is a T-bone collision. Victims who have suffered this type of collision are known to have incurred severe injuries in the form of broken bones and head trauma. In addition, victims have also suffered extensive property damage.

Considering how costly a T-Bone trucking accident is, if you have suffered injuries as a result of this type of crash, you should speak with an experienced attorney. A St. Louis County side-impact truck collision lawyer could provide you with the professional assistance necessary for filing a successful claim.

Common Fact Patterns of Truck Accidents in St. Louis

Truck side-impact collisions may occur in a variety of ways. The most common scenarios involve drivers pulling out of traffic, running a red light, or running a stop sign. These crashes tend to lead to impacts on the driver’s side or passenger’s side doors, leading to more significant injuries. In cases involving the truck driver pulling out into traffic, this typically involves the truck driver violating the right of way of the driver driving down the main thoroughfare.

The common damages suffered as a result of a side-impact truck collision may include damages to driver’s side or passenger’s side doors of the vehicle, neck injuries, head injuries, and in some situations, severe arm and leg injuries. Airbags are typically also deployed both on the side and front of the vehicle in newer vehicles. This can tend to lead to additional head and neck injuries.

First Steps to Take After a Truck Side-Impact Collision

Once the person is safe, they should then make sure the authorities have been alerted in order to properly document the scene of the accident. Investigators may also be called to the scene in order to gain more information regarding the moments leading up to the accident. If possible, victims should try to obtain as much evidence as possible, including video and photographs from witnesses and nearby businesses.

Recoverable Damages in a Side-Impact Truck Collision

When in a side-impact collision with a truck, a person can obtain a variety of damages. These damages could include compensation for medical care, compensation for future medical care, compensation for pain and suffering, damage to the vehicle, lost wages, and lost earning capacity. Victims are expected to estimate how much damages should be owed to them. In order to properly do so, it may be worthwhile to consult with an attorney.

How Could a St. Louis County Side-Impact Truck Collision Attorney Help?

If a client has been involved in a side-impact collision, the steps an attorney will typically make include hiring an investigator to investigate the crash and obtain event data recorder information from the truck. The attorney can also give guidance on what doctors can provide the best medical care. The attorney will be able to negotiate injury claims with the insurance companies and the attorney will be able to negotiate medical bills and liens with medical providers so the client will obtain the highest amount available to them.