Truck Accident Trials in St. Louis County

Accidents involving trucks can cause a lot more damage than a simple car crash. Victims often suffer from severe personal injuries that last the rest of their lives.

If you have been harmed in an accident, you have the right to hold the at-fault parties liable for their actions. It may be beneficial to reach out to a dedicated lawyer who could guide you through a truck accident trial in St. Louis County.

Types of Auto Accident Trials

The presence of a jury in a truck accident case is dependent on the type of trial. In a bench trial, the case is tried before a judge who decides the verdict. This type of trial only happens if all parties agree to it.

Most car accident trials, however, are jury trials. A local attorney could help a potential claimant decide what type of trial is best for them.

Multiple Defendants in a Truck Wreck Case

Presenting a car accident case to a jury involving multiple defendants can be complicated. It is generally best for an attorney to choose the defendant that is the most at fault.

If another defendant is partially at fault, a lawyer may attribute some fault to them as well. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. A skilled attorney should let the evidence guide them when strategizing.

Recording Evidence in a Truck Accident Case

In trial, attorneys want to present the best case possible to secure a good outcome for the injured person. They must also prepare for any possible appeals. The better the attorney does at trial, the more likely that the defendant will appeal the case.

This is why preserving the record is crucial. Lawyers should always be sure to mark evidence and submit it to the court for approval. Just because one identifies an exhibit in trial does not mean it is automatically admitted into evidence.

Additionally, if the plaintiff’s counsel objects to any of the defendant’s evidence, they should make a complete record to the judge. This ensures that the information will be readily available to the appellate court reviewing the case.

Length of a Trial

In St. Louis County, a car accident trial typically lasts between two and four days. However, the amount of evidence or the availability of jurors could influence the length of a trial.

Another thing that can affect the length of the trial is the availability of witnesses, especially when the witness is a doctor or an expert that has to travel in for the trial. It is not uncommon for a trial to be delayed to allow for a witness to testify.

The use of technology can also delay a trial. In some cases, the setup and takedown can take an hour or more. A nearby lawyer could inform an injured party of factors that may affect the length of their truck wreck trial.

A St. Louis County Attorney Could Help You Navigate the Truck Accident Trial Process

Truck accident trials in St. Louis County are complex, and it can be almost impossible for a victim to handle a case on their own. Choosing the right trial attorney can be hard, but Mutrux Firm Injury Lawyers has the resources to guide you through your claim. Call today to learn how teaming up with an attorney could help you in court.